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Aug 22, 2011
Apr 29, 2008
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Aug 22, 1981 (Age: 39)

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Aug 22, 2011
    1. Joy81
      I try to pop in now and then, i have such a crazy schedual latley i feel like I don't post much! But its good to chat with ya!
    2. Frognut
      I really need to update that pic! But I don't have one with a bigger fish ;). It's good to see you back online!!
    3. LovetheBaruu
      THERE YOU ARE! I was wondering what happened to you, big move, new room and vanished! Welcome back! We are having some fun- especially with herping. Steph is planning to visit in August (frognut) so ~ are you busy??
    4. agama3000
    5. LovetheBaruu
      I am so happy for you! June huh? Well I guess I will just have to be patient! Are you going to have to switch jobs? Now you need a snoopy, to go with RB!!
    6. LovetheBaruu
      Did you get the new addition? I want one too, if I can find a captive hatched. I would sooo name it Bee El- if I didn't already have a son with the nickname, "Bee." LOL. POST PICS PLEASE!
    7. LovetheBaruu
      If you could see the planes- you'd look forward to the exit! I have only done two tandem jumps (you have a dive master strapped to you -so you get the free fall that a tether line doesn't permit). This was before kids ;0
    8. LovetheBaruu
      LOL- it's the shriek. I didn't know I was capable of sounding so, uh, girly. I have jumped out of planes without making a peep for goodness sake.
    9. schlegelbagel
      You need to make that a thread!
    10. Frognut
      My fishing experience is limited - so when I got that "big" one I had to have my son take my pic. And I was using real high tech equipment - an extra piece of fishing line with a hook tied on the end. Unfortunately, my third fish was a baby sunny and it swallowed my hook and it was dead by the time I got it out, and I felt so bad I couldn't fish for the rest of the day.

      I don't mind catching and reeling in the ones I get to eat, but we were just playing around and buying time - so that poor little sunny made me feel guilty.

      Your fish looks like something worthy of photographing - and eating!

      Do you canoe or kayak? My son and I were canoeing that day -- it's my favorite thing to do. We're hoping to get kayaks this spring (lighter and easier to load and unload). And they now come with some cool compartments for real fishing gear.

      BTW - what do bull frog tadpoles look like? Did you see my recent post about tadpole identification? I know you live in a different part of the country, but I would think there would be some similarities. (I only glanced at your page - are they still tads or did they turn to bull frogs already?)
    11. Merlin
      How big was the chip?
      And what type of wood?
      If it isn't too large it may pass thru the system. I would remove all the wood and just use paper for the next few defecations, As gross as it sounds you need to check the feces the next few times the snake eliminates to make sure it passes. If the chip is too big to pass it may require surgery to remove it.
      This why we advocate not feeding in a tank with substrate.
      Good luck and keep us informed!
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    Aug 22, 1981 (Age: 39)
    My Interests:
    camping,fishing,painting,reading, hiking, swimming, cooking
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Black pine snake, or an Indigo snake!
    Favorite Reptile:
    All of them!!!!!


    Dropping everything to chase ofter frogs and snakes is not only childish, its highly enjoyable!