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    1. Thalatte
      I have an exoterra just lying around so maybe if I get my 3$ an hour raise I might be able to afford another animal. I have fallen for chondros but I need to make sure I have the money for it first. So it may be another year or so but we shall see.
    2. Thalatte
      can it live in a 36x18x18 exoterra its entire life?
    3. mshrmheadcharge
      I'm on my phone, so that could be why...
    4. mshrmheadcharge
      I didn't get the link!
    5. mshrmheadcharge
      I'm in bluemont, VA. I'd say an hour and a half from you, maybe. I have neeeever seen one! If you can find one then you'll prove me wrong!
    6. mshrmheadcharge
      You guys can come herping here if you want! My landlord goes hiking around the property with aurora and myself but he finds it weird when I get close to the snakes because I like them. We also have lots of toads and five lined stinks. I've even found a giant toad, the size of a rabbit. Aurora chased that poor toad all around the yard, it was hilarious.
    7. mshrmheadcharge
      I have never seen a copperhead this far north, and I live in the mountains. I doubt you'll find one. They are not common at all this North, honestly. I know people always say they find them. Actually there is an exhibit at the natural museum right now that showcases the differences between venomous and non venomous snakes in our area. I volunteered for it but couldn't do it unfortunately.
      Where are you looking for salamanders at? We have a Creek and pond on the property and alot of wooded area, so we have a wide variety here. Not to brag, but it's amphibian heaven here.
      I've also seen several black king snakes and desert king snakes here. And a brown water snake once, but I couldn't identify him so I'm not sure what he was.
      Do you ever hike great Falls?
    8. mshrmheadcharge
      Aurora is about to turn two. Your kiddo may be too old. But do you go herping often? I take aurora out when it's nice. Now is a great time of year to find salamanders.
    9. mshrmheadcharge
      Hey! I didn't realize you were in MD! I'm in VA, out west. How old is your daughter? Mines almost two.... If they are around the same age we should plan a play date...
    10. jarich
      Hey Joey, was trying to respond to your message, but it says your inbox is full.
    11. DustinQ
      Hi Joey, my green tree python died recently(right before Christmas). He only ate 3 times since my girlfriend brought him home in July. I talked to you briefly back then about treating the mites, he appeared as though he was getting healthier but also had an infection in his mouth that just kept coming back. I need some time before trying to get a new one but do you sell yours or just collect?
    12. Zerp3D
      A $400 chondro, get your moneys worth, what do you think? PrehistoricPets > Other Pythons This is the cheapest price I've seen online.
    13. Pharoahound
      Hi, I've decided no on the tree boa-so I can save up on a chondro! ;p What size digs do you keep your guys in?
    14. Thalatte
      No. Right now it seems like boas, sulcatas, and beardies are all there are. Oh and one Sav.
    15. justor
      Check this out:
      Reptile Facts • Remember that post with the white green tree python?

      I've never seen anything like these before. Those neos are crazy.
    16. justor
      That would be awesome! I'd love to see you hatch out some chondros of your own. I might even be tempted to take one off your hands if you are willing to ship when the time comes. Good luck with the new prospect, I hope it works out for you. You should get one of those crazy chondros you posted the other day. Those guys were unreal!
    17. alpine
      Thanks :) I am glad too. We will see if it continues as time goes on.
    18. alpine
      It went well for Prometheus. I actually succeeded in getting him to eat a regular F/T I just let it sit in rather hot water and after some consideration he went for it and was content. We will see how it goes on Tuesday when we do it again.
    19. justor
      Oh man, that girl is HOT! Haha if only I wasn't so broke right now :( I'm actually trying to save up for a het granite IJ female right now (there are a few of those on fauna right now too), but unfortunately my bills are squeezing everything I have out of me right now. I'm not expecting to buy anything until sometime next year at this point, maybe when I get my tax refund.
    20. justor
      Haha alright I can take a hint ;) I suppose I am due for some carpet pictures. And if you're looking for someone to talk you out of purchasing that carpet I'm probly the wrong guy lol. You could use a spilota or two in your Morelia collection if you ask me! Though I always say its better to go through a breeder than a pet shop when it comes to carpet pythons. Too many mystery carpets floating around out there. You should treat yourself though, after all your birthday was only a few days ago.
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