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May 29, 2009
Jul 2, 2008
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May 29, 2009
    1. graduationxday
      Thanks for the picture comment :]]
    2. CTsMom
      They definately are rewarding. My big girl has started to settle down, but the pup continues to get her into trouble. She's smaller and can get into stuff that they can then destroy and that gets frustrating, but for just being my girls I think I've done alright. My snake I think is usual after reading up on it. I could probably handle him every day and have no problems. The first time I fed him, I was able to handle him an hour later. Not to mention he, in 3 1/2 yrs, has never been known to strike at anyone. Does that seem weird, maybe I'm a spoiled snake owner.
    3. CTsMom
      I love rotties and grew up with one, but I was so attatched to him that I"m not sure I would be able to own another one, it would just be too painful. But I do want to have my kennel for rescues at least even if I'm never able to do therapy. My two dogs are definately not well trained but they are still puppies and quickly learning and hopefully we soon be good girls. I love em, but most people dont!!! You still work with dogs or just the reptiles now?
    4. CTsMom
      Major's social work, the animal lover in me dreams of opening a dangerous breed dog kennel and doing dog training centered therapy with people and dogs ya know!!! It's kinda becoming a problem that the city keeps expanding and the housing boom has kinda ended with the recession and what not!! But hey tuition is still going up because they want a football team! I'm hoping to graduate before that happens though!! Hopefully you came to the nice parts of Charlotte because it really is a beautiful city, at this point there's no place else I'd rather be anyways....
    5. CTsMom
      Yep gotta love it i suppose they're still takin my money!!!
    6. GumDrops
      Yeah, Piebalds look pretty cool. The white on them is reeeeally white.
    7. monaleena
      haha i think you are right, i've been hearing people talking about them here and there!
    8. GumDrops
      Nice balls [the PYTHONS, xDDD]. They are beautiful. I like the spiders, personally. [:
    9. monaleena
      haha thank you very much! umm, i don't really think chihuahua and dachsund is a popular mix to be honest but he is the cutest little guy ever! =D
    10. JIQRP
      I hope that you all enjoy the pictures.
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