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Apr 13, 2010
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Apr 13, 2010
    1. GerNic
      Great I am so glad he is finally growing for you!! How well is he eatting Veggies?? I still have some problems with Rex eatting Veggies, he likes to poop in them instead of eatting them.
      I can"t believe your daughter plays with the roaches...Yuk!! LOL. But I guess I can see my son doing the same. :)

      I've been looking for old furniture (after seeing your aqurium) to try to make a new home for Rex. Rex is 12 inches now and growing fast so i need something bigger soon.

      There is an easy way to tell if it's a male or female. Lefting the tail up, at the base of the tail if it's a male you will see two buldges like balls LOL and if it's a female you should be able to see a triagle at the base. let me know. You can check it out by looking up on internet, on how to sex bearded dragons.
    2. GerNic
      One more thing...Has he grown any since we last chated?? Rex has grown 3 inches. You can see the difference in his head size too. :)
    3. GerNic
      Hey irean, just checking up on Zigge. I guess you found out you had a Male. LOL. I also have a Male. I love Zigge's new home, you did a great job. I did notice that everyone had something to say about the sand choice. I also have a friend who uses the sand and it seems to retain odors. She ends up having to change it all the time which can be very costly. May I make a suggestion, I've been using corn meal. It is digestible, natural and I find it doesn't smell as bad as the sand. Rex like to bury himself in it. :)
    4. GerNic
      I started hand feeding Rex veggies, he seems to like sweet potato. My son named him Rex and if we find out it's a girl later it will change to Rexie. LOL
    5. GerNic
      My guy drinks water off my finger, I just let it drip into his mouth. But since last week he hasn't touched his veggies either. I guess are guys perfer meet!! I have to think about buying crickets in bulk, cause it's getting to be a pain running out every other day for crickets.
    6. GerNic
      How is your Dragon doing?? Has he started eatting veggies yet?? Mine started eatting veggies last week but only very little.
    7. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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