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Jan 15, 2011
Sep 4, 2008
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Jan 3, 1985 (Age: 35)

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Jan 15, 2011
    1. beefcakemighty
      Same here I just got on today since I dont know when lol, I'm doing great and I just rescued a red tail boa, he's about 6 feet. I'm hoping to et some pics put soon.
    2. beefcakemighty
      wow... just noticed in the last comment i put "50 or else" i ment less... anyway hows things going???
    3. beefcakemighty
      nope my two never do that i have repti carpet in there cage though and they just spend there time hiding in the thick plants, what temp does your house stay at??? if it no lower then 70 or 75 he should be fine, or if you ahve a high watt bulb over him for heat you may want to try a lower watt like 50 or else....
    4. beefcakemighty
      SWG= star wars galaxies its like world of warcraft (WoW) but not as cartoony and annoying like WoW its more realistic and most of the players arnt little kids lol.. you should youtube it sometime to see it heh..... i also play alot of first person shooters aswell, me and my friend jsut finished dead space the second day it came out lol
    5. beefcakemighty
      lol that sucks you got wine everywhere, uhhh i dont htink i have anyhting planned this weekend im jsut going to sit around and play SWG heh im a loser sometimes, and i keep all the reptiles in the livingroom off to the side above the stairs, ill have to get pics of it and show you... anyway thas cool you have a extra tank to put something in, talk to you later
    6. beefcakemighty
      lol cool and yes ogt the tarantula and also one emperor scorpion there both awesome to hold and show off haha... i also have two waterdragons, two cresties ones a tiger morph and the other a Harlequin morph, uhh one ball python and one paddle tail newt, im would like to get a sunglow leo. that woudl be awesome but they cost like 500 to 600 hundred
      i have some pics of my pets but i need to get new one up since it been forever...
    7. beefcakemighty
      what all do you have??? i gettting a rose hair tarantula sometime this week im hoping later to night when my firnd gets off work
    8. beefcakemighty
      lol thanks hes my buddy i take him places all the time
    9. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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    Jan 3, 1985 (Age: 35)
    My Interests:
    Reading, watching films, seeing my friends, learning to speak french, dyeing my hair, and attempting to make clothes for myself.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    I'd love a mexican black kingsnake and a hognosed snake.
    Favorite Reptile:
    Cresties and snakes :)


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