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Jul 23, 2008
Jun 19, 2008
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Jul 23, 2008
    1. Maureen Long
      Maureen Long
      Hello. I am a water gardener specializing in blue tropical water lilies, and I have been a frog lover all my life. I am so glad you rescued the little blue morph bullfrog. I think he is gorgeous. But one thing bothers me. Too bad his wonderful unique DNA can't be perpetuated instead of him living out his life without producing any tadpoles. If I could manage to locate for you a blue mate for him, would you be interested? He is so precious I would gladly pay almost any fair price for him, but first of all, I know better than to ask, and secondly, I am a 58 year old grandmother who owns and runs a medical clinic, so no time to devote to such a worthwhile cause. Ideally it should be undertaken by an experienced frog breeder. I presume your Franky is male. If I could find a blue female for him, would you be interested in taking on the task? As I understand basic genetic principles, even if a blue mate can be found, only 25% of the offspring would display the same color genetics, however 50% would be heterozygous for it (carrying the blue gene) even though their color was normal for the species. It would take many generations of crossbreeding to set the trait, and even then, normal green tadpoles would still turn up. It helps to know that predators cannot discern blue from green, so these frogs are not necessarily the sitting ducks waiting to be picked off that albinos are. (However, because of the busy road nearby where he was found, you did a good deed by rescuing this specimen.) People would be so enchanted by the gorgeous coloration that if you could breed the blues successfully you could probably never produce enough to meet the demand. I ask nothing but some eventual tadpoles, "IF" we succeed. Please email me direct anytime. I will do my best to find you a blue mate for Franky if you are intrested. Maureen Long
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