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    1. AjaMichelle
      Have you seen this site?
      Sexing your Chinese water dragon lizard - Do I have a male or female?
    2. AjaMichelle
      Hi :)
      The bulges are typically referred to as post-anal bulges, cloacal bulges, or hemipenal bulges.
      This bulging near the cloaca/vent results when the hemipenes (copulatory, or intromittent organs common to all male squamates [lizards and snakes]) are inverted. Females typically have a deep pocket, and as a result, copulatory organs that cannot be everted. This bulging should be one of the first obvious signs you have a male, and to the trained eye, is obvious in certain species from a young age (for example, anoles). The femoral pores are pheromone secretory glands found on certain species of lizards, and are located on the ventral margin of the thigh. Femoral pores are displayed by both sexes of certain species but are typically larger in males. You should see both fairly early on as your CWD reaches sexual maturity, then the obvious sexually dimorphic crests and spikes, if it's a male.
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