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Jul 10, 2017
Dec 18, 2009
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Jul 10, 2017
    1. Kernel
      I don't know, but at least we are now.
    2. andys3ballpythons
      very small town indeed, i absolutely hate it here, but guess im kinda stuck.
    3. Dragoness
      He was yawning. If I had been patient, and waited another half second, it would have been an amazing shot.
    4. UromastyxBoy
      Im from Northbrook, names Danny
    5. UromastyxBoy
      did you say in an older post that you were from the chicago suburbs? i am too!
    6. mld
      Just wondering if you could give aquaries a hand with her cornsnake!
    7. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hey, just saw the announcement on your signature about your upcoming nuptuals! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I have been married for almost 23 years (Nov, 6), and some days are better than others - some are worse, but being married is something I wouldn't change for the world! Does your intended share your reptile enthusiasm? Take care and I'll talk to you later.
    8. Medium
      Just checking in, I know how frustrating sleep issue can become. Have had plenty of my own...maybe your sleep journal will get easier. Not sure how I would even start one less I was back to insomnia again. Mine does not always give me grief, but when it does I hate it. I've even been mis-diagnosed as cause. Good luck!
    9. Medium
      How was the sleep Doctors?
    10. TitoAndKatt
      Thanks! haha I will have to get some current pics of her up soon. My Mom took a video when she was in town so I am going to try to get that up too. :)
    11. purplemuffin
      Unfortunately I was unable to enter! A lot of drama between moving out of the dorms and coming home..didn't leave me time to work! It's ok though, I now have a ton of things to do animal wise...While I was in college my family moved to a farm! We now have 8 horses to care for, 6 new cats(well, it was two that lived here previously until one had kittens!) and now we have fish and a rabbit, let alone the animals we already had..Busy! Until I get the hang of this I'll wait to get a new gecko!
    12. Medium
      Good luck at the sleep doctors!
    13. mld
      Wow, I was just going over all the photos of you boys and girl, they are wonderful pictures. Very professional, you have a eye for photography. My daughter is interested in photography and I will definetly be showing these to her.
    14. LovetheBaruu
      Thank you! I always forget that contacts/friends are an option!
    15. Biscuitsmom
      I always do... when he's not jumping out of my hand. :)
    16. jono
      Yes i can tell lol i have been busy staining it and painting the inside. I was being lazy about working on it for awhile but now i am back in the groove.
    17. Frognut
      Cool - I'll have to check it out! Thanks for thinking of the Frognut ;)
    18. jono
      yes and im very excited! even though i havent brought him home yet i still get to see him whenever i want since he is with my brother. he is used to me handling him and feeding him now which is good.
      and a quick google search got me that pic so i cant take credit for it. lol
    19. jono
      No not yet hopefully in the next couple weeks ill have him. Im still getting settled in from moving and finishing building the enclosure. ive got alot going on. cant wait to bring him home though!
    20. Dragoness
      Sometimes you have to find or make your own opportunity!
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