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Jan 7, 2013
Apr 8, 2008
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Dec 28, 1993 (Age: 24)

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Jan 7, 2013
    1. shannond81391
      haha yea i have a girls name, and i like your name so dont worry :) but im gonnna get some sleep. gotta wake up nice and early to feed my tegu and my chameleonsss :) goooodnight lauren! :))
    2. graduationxday
      they're songs are all pretty much meaningless. hah.
      but its all so catchy i just love it. lol.
      yupyup my names lauren.
      and thankss :]
      its so common though... ughh.
      thats something i dont like. x]

      and im guessing your name's shannon?
      i know another guy named shannon.
      and that's my mom's name. lol
    3. shannond81391
      haha oh i like the beginning of that song beating hearts baby by them. thats about it hah :) and so your names laurennn? :) i like that namee
    4. graduationxday
      14, 15 in december.
      head automatica's song i used to be majorly obsessed with.
      its called graduation day.
      so like, my first aim screen name was that, myspace url, everything.
      now its lame, but easy to remember. lol

      i changed everything to lookxitsxlaurenn, but i didn't make that this name..
      idk why. :/
    5. shannond81391
      ohh trueee! okie dokiee =P haha and yea all good stuff as far as music goes :) lol so how old are you? and hmmm graduationxday whats the name? :)
    6. graduationxday
      i dont have time to have aim anymore...
      its not worth it for real.
      i even recently deleted my myspace.
      it wasn't that hard though...
      cause somebody hacked it a couple months ago so i didnt have very many friends or anythinggg.
      but yeah.
      i dont have aim anymore.
      sorryyyy :[[

      and i honestly think i'd take him back anytime he decides he wants me.
      yeahhh he's got me wrapped around his finger... not good for me i know.
      but i cant help it. ://

      i like indie music, hardcore and screamo, some punk.. and i love acoustic. pretty much anything that has good drums and vocals i like.
      i love christian hardcore bandssss like a plea for purging, mychildren mybride, and such.
      but the venue i went to got shut down...
      then it re-opened and now it just sucks.
    7. shannond81391
      haha aw dont worry. i know it hurts right now, but hes just a boy. you'll realize soon enough you dont need him at all. and he'll realize how much he wants you back but it'll be too late :) haha yea i play bass and guitar. im into ska-core, hardcore, a littttttle screamo and some classics, (floyd, zeppelin, stones) how about youu? :) IM me if you want bc this is taking too long haha :p.. itsshannondyo
    8. shannond81391
      aww =[ dont worry! hes not worth it at all if he chooses something like that over a girl like you! im reallly sorry about this ! and dont be sorry about venting! its good to vent and id love to listen :) hope your feeling better about this :)
    9. graduationxday
      boyfriend issues....
      i guess that now i have to say ex-boyfriend issues though.
      ten months and he decides that if he doesn't get to do bad stuff [[ex. alcohol, tobacco, drugs]] then its not worth it to be with me.
      i told him before we started dating that i wasn't gonna be with him if he did stuff, so he quit.
      he didnt do drugs at the time though.. so yeah.
      but, i guess i'm not worth it anymore...

      i cant make him not do bad stuff.
      he has to choose for himself.
      and he can't if he's with me.
      so i broke up with him!
      how awful??!?!?
      and he doesn't seem to really care...
      which sucks.
      i want to be with him more than anything.
      but i want the old him.
      the one who was willing to do anything for me.
      who loved me no matter what...

      ahhhh sorry i'm venting on you.
      it hurts to bad to talk about it outloud.
      typing is much easier. x]
    10. shannond81391
      uhohh what happpened =o?
    11. shannond81391
      haha nothing youu? and i know i saw you had no visitor messages so i wanted to leave you one :)
    12. shannond81391
    13. Kazooguyz2
      Hey there!! Welcome to Herp Center!!! I just posted a few pictures of my Fire Belly Toad setup in case you need some inspiration. Feel free to respond and make comments/ask some questions. I'll do my best to answer them!!
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    Dec 28, 1993 (Age: 24)
    My Interests:
    Herpetology, of course! And art, especially photography. Both herps and art wonderful hobbies to have :D
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Brazilian Rainbow Boa
    Jungle Carpet Python


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    3.3.0 Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamsters