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Jan 7, 2013
Apr 8, 2008
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Dec 28, 1993 (Age: 23)

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Jan 7, 2013
    1. Ashuresque
      What a cutie! Do you know when you're getting your new beardie, and have you thought of any names?
    2. leahbrd
      Here ya go...I named her Eliza. Not sure just seems like a classy name for a classy Beardie. She's one of a her!!!

    3. leahbrd
      As a matter of fact I do. I left my camera at work. BOO. I took some pictures of her soaking in the tub. :-) I'll send them when I get back to my camera. Toodles!
    4. leahbrd
      I'm not exactly sure what she is. She's beautiful though. When she cools down, her body turns to the most beautiful bright yellow and she has large spots on her back that turn purple. She's so beautiful!! I'm glad you're getting him. You won't be sad you did.
    5. fire2225ems
      yes, it is kinda like fabric. It usually comes in rolls. The non-adhesive cushy kind is about 1/8" thick. It's almost like rubber... But easy to cut with scissors. So yes you can cut it.

      (think of a thin rubber carpet) next time you are at Walmart check it out. It is usually with the aisles around where the mops and trash cans are...

      Hope this helps.
    6. leahbrd
      Hey, so I was curious to see if you decided to get the Beardie? I thought about you yesterday (funny huh) when I was cuddling with my female Beardie that I've had for almost 2 weeks now. I don't think that she was handled very much before I got her because the lady didn't seemed too happy that her son left them with her, but she is doing GREAT! She is easily handled, and I think that's the temperment of most Beardies. Even if you have to work with him, think of it as a project. :-) Let me know what happens...
    7. graduationxday
      holaa :]

      you wanna take this to private messaging?
      it doesn't really matter to me, but it may to you or something idkkk.

      ughhhh we went out to eat mexican and i wayyyy over-ate. x]
      mexican food is one of the only types of food that has a variety of vegetarian food.
      which is good. :]]
    8. shannond81391
      howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdy :)
    9. shannond81391
      going to work. gnighttt :)
    10. shannond81391
      haha yea no problem and i wish i had someone to go in half with me lol. i suck at bowling too haha. everyone else that works there is like a pro bowler and tries to bowl me for money, im like nahh im saving up for another chameleon =PP haha
    11. graduationxday
      ohh yeah i forgot to say thanks
      you know, for saying you hope everything works out.
      so yeah
      thanks x]]
    12. graduationxday
      i totally forgot today was friday. hah.
      i love bowlinggg. not that i'm any good. ://
      i've fallen before when i was trying to bowl.
      goshhh it was embarassing. x]]

      and yeahhh i have that habit also, yet i have no job.
      it sucks. lol.
      thats the only reason why i only have one reptile right now...
      but i do have a younger sister who usually has much more money than me, and she also likes reptiles, [[well, frogs and turtles at least]] and when she likes something that i'm wanting to get, she'll want it too, so i tell her she can call it hers if she goes in half way with me.
      i feel mean but oh well. x]]
      like with firebelly toads, she wants one.
      so i said she can have one if she helps pay.

      i get an allowance though, but i have to pay for my phone bill.
      its $15 but i usually go over on texts, so i rarely get all my allowance. x]
    13. shannond81391
      aw, hope everything works out. and the bowling allley. its friday so its like crazy rock and bowl lol. i hate it its so loud so i have to practically be on top of the customers to hear what theyre saying. and yea, my job pays for one thing, my habit of expensive reptiles. lol
    14. graduationxday
      whereeee do you work?
      i'd get a job if i could. pft.

      anddd no.
      i dont think.
      he's coming over today though, i think, to cut the grass and stuff.
      we're gonna sit down and talk about everything.
      i want him back sooooo bad. :[[[
      its all so confusing and sadddd
    15. shannond81391
      haha nothing, gonnna get ready for work soon! so you and your bf are back togetherr? (from the last post lol)
    16. graduationxday
      adfhfdh i dont know what to doooo :[[[
      i posted a thread about it..
      i always post threads. too many really...
      oh wellzzzz

      so whats up?
    17. shannond81391
      hmmm well hes a long term captive, im sure hes doing fine right now, of course he'd love a bigger cage :) ahah. and im sure he'd be very happy in your care :D
    18. graduationxday
      it was really hot...
      didn't find anything good.
      i was looking for tanks.

      but, this one place i went to, i said "i guess you don't have any big tanks. i'm wanting to get a bearded dragon"
      and the girl said "my husband has one!"
      my mom was joking around and said "wanna sell it?"
      and she was like "yes! cage and everything. we're moving"

      i found out that he's wildcaught...
      idk what to do really.
      poor thing's in a 20 gal tank.
      i'm prolly gonna post a thread on this.
      idk what to do!
      he needs to be back in the wild, but he's been out for four years so idk if it'll work...
    19. shannond81391
      howd that yardsale shopping go? :)
    20. graduationxday
      i gotta get up early too.
      gonna check out some yardsales for cheap tanks. lol

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