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Jan 7, 2013
    1. Ashuresque
      She did have her moments. I always just really liked jacob. I've always had a thing for tan guys. ;D

      I've waited a while... he's about 13 inches now, so I figured why not. He's fine walking around with me in the house, but I'd like to be able to take him out for some sun and not worry too much.

      I don't get an allowance, but my christmas present was unlimited text for a year. I'm just hoping that's this year's present too haha, I'm too lazy to pay that every month. We've got some kind of verizon plan so that it's $10 a month I think, I'm a texting junkie, so I def need it...
    2. graduationxday
      I didn't think she was really that like me. She actually kinda annoyed me. lol.

      Fun stuff! I'm gonna eventually make a leash thingy for Rose and Raptor [[who I don't have yet...]] but I want to make sure she's settled in and all first.

      Totally unfair. lol.
      I don't have a job yet. I doubt anyone would hire a 14 year old, so yeah.
      I have no way to get money to save. Except allowance... I get $50 a month, and pay $20 for my phone bill. So that's $30 a month. Now I have unlimited texts so I'll quit going over, and maybe I'll actually get the $30. haha
    3. Ashuresque
      haha, that's because everyone pictures Bella as themself! She really just seems like an anygirl to me. Like you could so easily step in there. He was cute, I just didn't immediately think... mysterious vampire when I saw him.

      Laaame. All I do is lay around at home and take pictures of Fitzgerald with my phone, it's so pitiful. I just need to get some on here. I'm so excited, tomorrow my boyfriend's coming over and he's gonna help me with the leather stuff, we're making Fitz a harness. I was like pfffft $10.. I'm making this.

      Lol, all I do is save, so I could afford a few cars right now, but they're like just wait for us to get one, and in the mean time you can borrow ours... yeah right. I don't think they could afford to match what I save, but I wish..
    4. graduationxday
      I think the guy who's playing him is gorgeous. lol.
      He played Cedric Diggory in the 4th Harry Potter movie, and I thought he was cute then too. Haha.
      I'm iffy with the girl playing Bella. She's not how I pictured... :/

      And my camera's dead, and I can't find my battery charger, so I'm at a loss. :[

      Hah, I doubt I'll have a car. My parents told me they'd match however much money I saved. As of now, I have about $100 in the bank. I had to pay a bunch when I had an anxiety attack and accidentally broke the windshield... Hah
    5. Ashuresque
      I was iffy when I saw who was casted for Edward, but I watched a thing on it. He looks good I think. Yeah, either way, Meyers is a great storyteller and I'll pretty much read anything by her at this point.

      Aw! Have you taken any pics of her yet? This site does weird things with my dial up and I can't upload them, but as soon as I get my laptop (whenever...) I will.

      Getting your license is a great feeling IF you have a car. If not it's just like well.. I can.. but I can't. Now I'm just waiting for 18... january! I can make it!
    6. Ashuresque
      It sucks hardcore. It becomes an every day battle to keep my hair straightened without it frizzing all over the world.

      Alice is so sweet and adorable. She's the kind of character you just want to give a hug. I am looking forward to reading the 4th book whenever I get around to it. I might just buy it now that I think of it, I work all the time and never buy anything.. it's about time I treated myself. I went to the book store today and realized that Meyers has written another book- Host? I had no idea, I thought the twilight series were her only books.

      Yeah, we live in the middle of nowhere, and there is absolutely nothing to do. When I got my license I was all excited, then I was like wait... movie theaters... walmart.. library... food. that's it.
    7. Ashuresque
      I want to so bad. My only thing would be finding a good day for using it- it's pretty hot and humid. Lately it's hit the 100's with very high humidity, even he doesn't like being out much now.

      I looooove the twilight series, omg. They are so simple that I thought I wouldn't, but they ended up being very addictive. I hear the new book came out last night- I am sooo torn on whether I want to buy it or not, I've borrowed all the other ones. I hear it's $14 at walmart compared to 22 at other places, so I might go pick it up there. Jacob is my fave character.. how about you?

      Virginia coast, I love it most of the time.
    8. Ashuresque
      The last three times I've been for checkups I've been 5' and three quarters of an inch. I told the new nurse that and she was like sweet, as least I know I'm doing it right!

      Nice! I'm hitting up the thrift store tomorrow looking for anything I could convert into an outdoor sunning cage when it cools down a little bit. I'm thinking about doing a furniture conversion, taking out the drawers of a dresser and making hardware cloth sides. The ones around here never seem to get any really good tanks though- a lot of small hamster tanks and stuff.

      Pretty name. :) any inspiration for it?
    9. Ashuresque
      One day when I marry a celebrity doctor and live at home I'll spend all his money on huge cages for stuff. It'll happen.

      Dang. All in the name of reptiles. Weirdly enough we had this dresser that fit the exact, and I meant exact measurements of the tank. I don't even know how that worked out. My problem with stacking would be I'm short. :) 5'. wooh!
    10. Ashuresque
      Oof, now you've got two cages to worry about. Do you have room for both? My room's small and crowded to the point where even if a great opportunity arose, I wouldn't have room for another tank. What kind of situation is the new beardie in?
    11. Ashuresque
      Haha, all the guys I know who've seen it have loved it, which was surprising to me.

      So any updates on this beardie? Have you gotten crackin on that cage?
    12. Ashuresque
      haha git to that movie theater. I just wanted to hug that sad little robot and his little pet cockroach.
    13. Ashuresque
      Haha, well I'm a comic book nerd too, so it's all good.. even those the new batman movies change a lot of things, they feel a little more true to the comics in the whole mood. It was even better than Wall-E, and I thought nothing this summer would be!
    14. Ashuresque
      Haha well at least that's something. Have you hit up Dark Knight yet? :o
    15. Ashuresque
      I hope he gets better soon! does he have a cone? I feel bad for cats with those but they just look so funny..
    16. Ashuresque
      The only thing you'll have to watch out for is the screen allowing heat to escape, but I'm sure you could keep the temps up. Awww! Poor kitty, what happened?
    17. graduationxday
      haha yeahh. i'm gonna build it out of mosly plywood with a glass front and screen sides. idk how much it'll cost yet though cause i haven't been to lowe's lately. hah.

      my kitty broke his leg. :[
    18. Ashuresque
      as long as you have the tools and means that's a good idea to cut costs. I was going to build an iguana enclosure before I got Fitzgerald, but then realized how much plexiglass costs add up. Yeesh..
    19. leahbrd
      Wow! That was lucky Ashuresque! How's the prep going girly?! I keep thinking about you! I took Eliza out yesteday evening for some sun. Check her out!!


      OH OH! And the babies...Lucy and Sancho.

    20. Ashuresque
      I was really lucky and somebody had an old 55 long tank, complete with hood and nice decorations. They had a bearded dragon a long time ago but now had no need for it, and I got it all for $25 :) Are you building or buying?
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