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    1. graduationxday
      I don't think it is.. haha. It's just a smart kid school. It was number one on some magazine's list of best schools in the country, but then the next year, them and five (i think five..) other schools weren't on the list because they were so much better than the other high schools. Its really cool. All the teachers have taught college at one point, and many of them are very well known. They know everything lol.
      Most people who go through IB can't keep up with it. There's already freshmen I know who have decided not to go back next year cause its so hard, and these are the kids who didn't have to study at all at their old school and made straight a's. It is alot harder for me, but I love the challenge.

      I went to the Alabama homecoming game tailgate and it was so freaking awesome cause the biology department had a few reptiles out and I got to show off my knowledge. :]
      I got to tell little kids all kinds of things and ease their reptile fears. haha
    2. Ashuresque
      Same here to some extent. I work with all adults, and after doing that for a few years I've realized how immature and unmotivated most of my school and friends are. -_- I think I'd take talking to all the old guys over them anyday. Maturity is good.
      Yikes! Good luck. Is that the kind of school where you could transfer to another country and have all the same credits, or am I way off? I'm hoping to start college as a sophomore or junior with all the AP and dual classes. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    3. Ashuresque
      I am stressin! Taking a load of college classes and it is gettin me down. Too much work for highschool. I think I'll make it though. Senior year you have to either write a huge paper or do a senior boards project- I think I'll do the project. Should be okay. A friend of mine'll be volunteering at a local reptile rescue for hers, I am really jealous. :\

      I hate my sisters birthday parties. I had like seven 13 year old girls screaming and running around. Can't remember your age so no offense if you're around there. :) These ones were abnormally loud.
    4. Beardy
      its me, Ryan, i forgot the pass 2 iguana wanter, so u can delete it if u want
      sup i have no clue about this thing and i have no friends will you be my friend please
    6. Ashuresque
      Haha it is still bothering me. I mean. I'm cool with it, it meant the book had a plot, but seriously. It is completely illogical. Well, as illogical as a book about vampires can get. ;)

      I do that too! It bugs me so much...
    7. graduationxday
      I agree... With all of that. lol.
      Well, the whole edward thing kinda didn't suprise me. I wasn't expecting it, but after it happened, I thought "Heyyy that's neato :]]" lol
    8. Ashuresque
      I still don't see how it's even possible. I mean... edward's dead... isn't he? o_O You'd think he'd just be full venom. ..all of him. Jasper's special ability is my favorite, I wish I could have him around. Alice is adorable!
    9. Ashuresque
      There were some parts in it that kind of made me mad, but Jacob is still my fave. It was good! It was.. strange. Like never in a million years would I have imagined that as a plot. I wish Jasper was in the books more. :(
    10. Ashuresque
      I just finished Breaking Dawn. :3
    11. Ashuresque
      Yeah, that surprised me too. I don't think she is, that particular store is pretty responsible. Since hognoses are local it's illegal to own wild caught ones, it says on her thing she's a breeder someone sold to them. I don't think she's ever bitten, but she puffs up, hisses, and occasionally plays dead when they try to take her out.
      I can't even imagine owning that many snakes! Does he breed his own feeders? If not that would really add up..
    12. Ashuresque
      dangit. They should stay that color.
      Haha they are. Our local park had two eastern hognoses, and one of the local petstores currently has a western. They encourage everyone that comes in to hold an animal, but that's one they won't, they say she's pretty cranky. It's a shame, she's beautiful.
    13. Ashuresque
      Haha, I've heard that too, but they are beautiful. Are the emerald tree boas the ones that sometimes come in yellow, or is it green? Either way I like the yellow ones...
      I think if I got a snake right now it'd be a kenyan sand boa. Big snakes intimidate me mostly because if I had to move one, most weigh more than I do... those are cute and tiny.
    14. Ashuresque
      Haha well at least you got somebody else involved! I hope it all works out okay. At the present I'm not working on anything, I'd love to build some kind of huge enclosure, but considering the size of my room and lack of permission to get anything else.. nothing for me. I just rediscovered the green tree monitors... how gorgeous are they?
    15. Ashuresque
      I'm glad things are going well. :) Fitzgerald was a little brownish thing when we got him, but he's come into this really pretty yellowish orange color. I caught him head bobbing for the first time today... I turned his light on and flopped back in bed. He crawled out of his cave and immediately started bobbing, it looked so comical.

      Any luck on the cage construction?
    16. Ashuresque
      Hmm, he may just be going in sections. Right now mine's head is shedding, which looks truly bizarre, as the rest of his body is still orange. Now he has a funky grey head. Have you tried soaking him again?
    17. Ashuresque
      Yeah, it usually takes fitzgerald a while to completely shed. Just hold tight. :)
    18. Ashuresque
      Are the parts that are shedding looking cleaner than the rest of him?
    19. graduationxday
      I soaked him the first night. He didn't like it really... But he's never been handled. His beard puffed and he hissed. :[
      He settled down after a couple minutes though and just sat.
      Then he freaked and ran around. Then settled. Then ran around. Then I took him out. Haha.
      His stomach's shedding right now. It started from below his side spikes, and now its a bit above them. And the part of his back above his tail is shed. I think the end of his tail is too, but I can't tell because it's dirty again like the rest of him. But not as bad... So idk. I bit of his face is shed, and feet I think.
      He's so cute. :]]
    20. Ashuresque
      Hmm. Well, I'm not sure that they recognize names, so I don't know if he'd mind. :) A new name with a new life might be one more step in a fresh new start for him!

      Depends, Fitzgerald tends to shed in sections. His limbs, then his body, then his head, and then by the time this head sheds his legs are dull again. Have you given him any soaks yet to help things along?
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