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Nov 26, 2009
Jul 18, 2009
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Nov 26, 2009
    1. wildheart
      How about an update on your new baby dragon? I'd love to see new photos of the little one.;)
    2. irean
      He is such a silly lizard really fitting in with the rest of the family. Running to the front glass to irritate the cat and the cat trying to attack the lizard... My daughter is awfully found of the roaches, she likes to pat them (*Sighs*) . Im going to try to get some new pictures and upload and i would love to see some new ones of your dragon! :)
    3. irean
      Hi there
      Yes he has grown a lot , he is now somewhere around 10.6 inch :) I'm not sure if it's a he or she yet but it feels like "he" so until I know for sure he gets to be a he:D I'm actually not using sand. I'm using gravel, tho the first sort i put in was to fine so I changed it before Zigge got to move in. Its a bit more work since i have to clean it like you clean the gravel from an aquarium (rinse it well in a huge bucket), but I belive he enjoys that a lot more than a carpet as it gives him opportunity to dig. I also read about the meal thingy and thought about it. Some people seem to belive its to dusty but from what i've seen it seems really nice. Im going to try it if this doesnt work out. It was awfully fun to make the terrarium. I'm so going to make more backgrounds and change the interior of it from time to time :D I figured if you use some real stone in with the styrofoam it will look more natural and lead heat better.
    4. irean
      It's The same for us. Zigge as in short for a male Zigvard or female Zigrid :D I just wish Zigge would grow a bit faster! I found some juvenile dryfood from exoterra on sale that I mixed with mealworms and I think he eats some of them by accident ... I recon they must be good with vitamines and stuffs?
    5. irean
      Haha yes they probably are :) Mine looks really funny when I try to spray water over him. At first ha ran away but now he stands and stares at me like "why oh why" :D
    6. irean
      No mine isn't eating veggies yet. He is watching them from his sunspot like he is about to attack them but that's all :D He (or she) has grown ½inch this week. I wish he would start to eat veggies that would make me less worried about him getting enough water :)
    7. GerNic
      I have a baby Bearded Dragon, got him on Tuesday 7/21/09. He was given to me to replace the aggressive male dragon I rescued.
    8. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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