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Feb 12, 2011
Jun 7, 2004
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Nov 11, 1985 (Age: 35)

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Feb 12, 2011
    1. BaptizedByFire
      Happy Birthday Furryscaly!
    2. Tersh1986
      I just recently got a male japalura splendida and was wondering if you could help me...
      I've only had my little guy (his name is Darwin) for a couple weeks now and at first he seemed to be doing fine. As soon as I cleaned his terrarium the first time, though, he has been acting differently (not eating, sleeping a lot). Any idea on what the problem could be and if so, what I can do to help him feel or get better?

      I appreciate any advice you can give!

    3. zoovettech
      I noticed you have a few vinegaroons and you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about them. I was hoping you could maybe help me with a problem:
      We have a vinegaroon here at the zoo I work at. It has had a swollen abdomen for a few weeks. The keeper that usually takes care of it says it has gone way past the time for it to lay eggs. I was wondering if you know anything about this? Is it possible for it to be egg-bound? Could we improve the conditions and/or substrate to make it lay the eggs? It is currently on bark. Maybe it needs peat moss and more moisture? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
    4. Rich
      Happy Birthday Matt!
    5. Dominick
      Hey man- Miss having you around here. No one knows bugs like you do! I hope things are good with you and you are making a fortune working in South Dakota. :D Visit once in a while, will ya?
    6. Ashuresque
      Yikes! Have you ever gotten any on you?
    7. Ashuresque
      I couldn't help but image search "vinegaroon" when I saw it on your list. That is one of the most terrifying looking crawly things I have ever seen!
    8. tlh9162
      Very dark & mysterious looking :)
    9. Rich
      Thanks for the donation Matt. I have added it to the meter. Thanks man!
    10. nicole
      oh my you have no messages,, well I left you the first one, lol. I think you look interesting with all that hair and the beard, lol.
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    Nov 11, 1985 (Age: 35)
    My Interests:
    herpetoculture, arachnoculture, herpetology, entomology, drawing, painting, photography, music, movies, internet, sleeping, not sleeping, vegetating, icecream sandwiches, outdoor stuff, other things
    Reptile Wishlist:
    - beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum)
    - frilled dragon (Chlamydosaurus kingii)
    - Solomon Island skink (Corucia zebrata)
    - gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica)
    - boomslang (Dispholidus typus)
    - tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrunum)
    - Asian vine snake (Ahaetulla prasina)
    - and more
    Favorite Reptile:
    The short answer? Everything. I think Komodo dragons are right up there with my faves though.