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Jan 22, 2018
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Jan 22, 2018
    1. LovetheBaruu
      Steph? I've been meaning to ask... Is that bait or an actual catch in the picture??
    2. kiraturmc
      HAHAHAHA!! You thought I was a "him"??? That's HILARIOUS!!! Nope... not a him... that's for sure. I'm surrounded by "him"'s though. Two boys, boy dog...

      Thanks for the giggle... that's FUNNY!!!
    3. Frognut
      Now I'm suspicious - if they love to clean, why in the world would you want to send them this way???? Do you want me to wire you the bus fare?
    4. LovetheBaruu
      ohh, they love to clean! And, quite frankly, today would be a good day for you to take 2 (they're small). My head hurts.
    5. LovetheBaruu
      Do you think, once the addition is done, you can build an enclosure for the "two adorable ones?" I can give em to you cheap!!
    6. Frognut
      My house is always chilly - but when the frogs were that little, they stayed in the kitchen which is generally a little warmer. So in the tank is probably a good idea.
    7. schlegelbagel
      Still have 18, 2 are now out of the water. maybe I'll keep them in the bottom of the whites tank. My house is still chilly.
    8. Frognut
      Room temperature. I just kept them next to my tank in the container they were bought. They were fine and lived longer than I needed to -- they kept breeding in the goop that is at the bottom.

      How many little ones do you have -- still 18?
    9. schlegelbagel
      Steph!!! I got fruit flies, but I totally forgot to ask how I should keep them! Warm? Room temp?

      Let me know!
    10. LovetheBaruu
      AWW! Thanks- I am proud!
    11. LovetheBaruu
      Did ya find the drill? I was checkin' out a china hutch with your concept in mind LOL. I am done with critters! Krim was supposed to be the last!
    12. schlegelbagel
      Nah, they will snarf them down just fine. Worms are squishy.
    13. schlegelbagel
      Bummer!!! I have to go in the morning, so I'm sure I get crickets. It appears the basement got too cold for the breeding. I moved them upstairs but now I have a gap in food.
    14. schlegelbagel
      Hey, are you going to the reptile show on saturday?
    15. LovetheBaruu
      Michael gets middle of the night emergency calls. Racoons at the college, chewed thru alarm wires. Walmart wants the birds removed from the store at 3 A.M. tomorrow-and a couple had a red squirrel join them on the couch to watch some TV!
    16. LovetheBaruu
      One of the boys was flipping thru an ant id book and said, "Mom! Look that is a Carpenter Ant and (**flip -flip**) that is a Ghost Ant!" Yikes! He's 3- I was hoping for a group of doctors :), I may end of with my own private exterminating co.
    17. LovetheBaruu
      I thought of something else- Poe is cool for short too!! Or 2 cresties, Poe and Tic (this is you getting the 2, of course!)
    18. LovetheBaruu
      Counter surf? Never heard that term before -- sounds like something my cats do! Aha, you do understand the concept!
    19. LovetheBaruu
      Have you found, online, the recording of a basenji baruu? The basenji is called a "land shark" by those of us insane enough to live with them. They like to counter surf and the trash can they can't open, for exploration, has yet to be invented. It is honor to be loved by them.
    20. LovetheBaruu
      Thank you! June Bug is a basenji, thus "love the baruu." She was the second to own us, Ch. Changa's Ashanti Sana Bukavuu (I've mangled the spelling, I'm sure) was the 1st, she was a brindle beauty.
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