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    1. AjaMichelle
    2. Dragoness
      Stolen World is mostly about reptile smuggling, but it was an awesome book. It was that one (or now that I think of it, another source) that went into great depth about the lineages of the burms in the everglades, and the fact that most are descendents from originals imported from Vietnam - who has not exported the animal for decades.
    3. AjaMichelle
      It's cool :) That's what I thought you meant. Never Zilla. I use Exo Terra. You can use either a 2.0 or 5.0 depending on the size of the holes in your mesh screen top and the amount of foliage (or cover in general) in the enclosure. If the holes are large and there's little cover that allows the anoles to escape exposure, use the 2.0 and dust regularly with Ca+d3. If the holes are really small, use a 5.0. If the anoles can escape exposure to the UVB, use a 5.0 (regardless of the size of the holes). Ideally, you would offset the UVB bulb from the heat bulb (e.g. one in front of the other) so the anoles can bask for heat but not UVB, essentially self-regulating UVB exposure. In this case, you would use a 5.0. I have my bulbs arranged this way and use a 2.0 because I dust with Ca+d3 weekly.
      I also avoid compact fluorescents and use the linear fluorescents because the latter provide better coverage.
    4. AjaMichelle
      A UVB build? What do you mean? Did you mean bulb?
    5. SonnysDragonS
      Thank you so much for all of your help!! i will def hook you up with a great deal when you are ready!!
    6. SonnysDragonS
      trying to get $100 for each not including shipping... but im always willing to work out a deal
    7. SonnysDragonS
      Yea getting him started on that will prob save you the bet visit all together... I used that on some of the hatchling and they are all eating on their own now...
    8. SonnysDragonS
      Yes I would def do that for attest a couple days... Try and give him some in the morning and some at night... He will have so much more energy that way... Even if he ears a little it may not be enough calorie intake.... Can you handle him to feed him though??
    9. Wyldrose
      Is it the male? It could be shedding issue(stuck shed, or trying to loosen it), but I wouldn't rule out parasites, could explain why they are so skinny too.
    10. Wyldrose
      Parasites maybe?
    11. Wyldrose
      Thats like 3000 kms! lol!
    12. AjaMichelle
      It's actually called Black Gold Potting soil. You know how oil is often referred to as black gold (as in, Gold the element)? It's a play on words :) Check out this site:Organic Potting Soil Amendments Fertilizers - BLACK GOLD - All the riches of the earth
      I typically buy it at local Nurseries. I can't say that I've seen it at the chain stores.
    13. SonnysDragonS
      yes i do plan on doing this for a while... i have another prgnant female right now so ill have babies again in about 3 months... so whenver you are ready just let me know
    14. Rich
      The author for each caresheet is posted on them. I wrote 80% of them if not more.
    15. SonnysDragonS
      You should buy one of them!!
    16. SonnysDragonS
      There doing great!! Eating ALOT and growing really fast! It's gonna be sad to see them go once I find people to buy them
    17. AjaMichelle
      Oh you're welcome! :) I'm glad he likes it
    18. David McConley
      David McConley
      There is a Smithfield's Chicken and Biscuit in several areas. I don't know.about that area, I live about an hour away and do not go there often. You may try Googling that also. ;)
    19. David McConley
      David McConley
      My wife was born in San Antonio Tx and lived in Florida and Tennessee before moving to NC.
    20. David McConley
      David McConley
      Yeah, I know about Floridians- my wife and her mother's family are from Florida, Deland area.
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