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Aug 8, 2016
Jan 22, 2012
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Southern California

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Elite Member, from Southern California

Almost finished with Photography Cert. So frigging tired, ran out of money :( Had to start a Go Fund Me page... Joy, Hope youall are well :) Jul 16, 2016

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Aug 8, 2016
    1. DwarvenChef
      Almost finished with Photography Cert. So frigging tired, ran out of money :( Had to start a Go Fund Me page... Joy, Hope youall are well :)
    2. DwarvenChef
      Listening to the crunch of crickets for dinner :)
    3. DwarvenChef
      Why did my wife get adult crickets this time... I need a sound proof storage box.
      1. Rich likes this.
      2. Logan
        Switch to roaches. No sounds!
        Jan 12, 2015
      3. Rich
        The only sounds I hear from my dubia colony is when they are scuttling themselves around. lol
        Jan 19, 2015
    4. DwarvenChef
      Loose cricket is hiding behind my bed....
      1. SebastiansExotics likes this.
      2. SebastiansExotics
        I hate when that happens!
        Jan 4, 2015
    5. benjaminrogers
      I'm in Clintonville. About 30 minutes northwest of there. Used to play golf at Homestead Springs Golf Course all the time.
    6. Ruger123
      Thank you!
    7. jhickey
      Thank you for the visit.
      My name is Justin.I was not in for as long as you. I do not know how you did it :p
      Wow man o man has this reptile hobby changed... Alot of hobbies have changed and advanced in only a few years. Talk to you later.
    8. Auttie
      Hey. I see you have an Emerald, and though I don't think that's what my new Fence Lizard is, I was wondering of you could answer some questions???
    9. sej139
      Excellent, it's always good knowing how interconnected things really turn out being. :)
    10. JoeyG
      I was reading one of your post about snapping the mouse's neck. Would you mind sending me more info about it? I'm interested in trying it but wonder how violent a move I have to do to kill it. Sounds like I need a lot of space to do it.
    11. Vers
      Glad I could help :) Just a heads up, if you buy a lens designed for APS-C (i.e. EF-S) it will not safely mount on your film body. Also, when it comes time to buy I'd recommend going through Abe's of Maine. Generally speaking they have very competitive pricing and free shipping--you can also use coupon code 'loyalty15' at checkout for an additional $15 off. Unless, of course, you are loyal to your local shop.
    12. Vers
      I'd recommend either the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro (non-L), the Canon EF-S 60mm macro, the Tamron 90mm or 60mm macro or the Sigma 105mm macro. That said, your choice depends a lot on what you plan to shoot. For food, a shorter macro (60mm range) will do the trick just fine. For more skittish subjects, I'd suggest something in the 90-150mm range.
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    Southern California
    My Interests:
    Sceloporus spp. I'm currently studying the Sceloporus (swifts) group of lizards, field observation, breeding, habitat, the works. Over the decades of having most of the available herps from the 70's-80's I have fallen for my first love, the humble blue belly :)

    Kitchen Knives, Straight razors, Fountain pens, Fence lizards, sooo many to list but these are the ones I let myself think about.

    I'm Dyslexic so expect a few really weird spelling to pop up now and again :p
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Many Sceloporus :) Frilled Dragon
    Favorite Reptile:
    Sceloporus spp, been a fan of these little guys for the past 40 years.
    Moving on to Photography to keep my mind busy.

    Shawn Jeffries - Shop

    Photography Education Fund by Shawn Jeffries - GoFundMe

    Reptile and wildlife photography is far more interesting than most other forms. Food images are a close second, being a former sous chef, and many other hats, I have ideas on how to take pictures of items. Currently in school to learn more on Photography.