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Sep 8, 2010
Oct 27, 2007
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Sep 8, 2010
    1. kittykattucker
      Yesterday my water dragon got caught in between two fake plants, he's unharmed but he's really freaked out. We got to him as soon as it happened luckily. he was convulsing and had his chin flared out with his mouth open, he also had his insides pushed out a bit from his butt. I know all this has him really stressed but hes healthy for sure. But I'm wondering how long we should leave his cage covered without the lights on. Or basically how long should we leave him alone because its been over a day and weve been quiet but if we peak in at him he still freaks out!
    2. exavier_7
      I will be taking some more current pics as soon as I get my new Frilled Lizard.
    3. tlh9162
      Your dragons looked pretty big in your pic's. Do you have any other pic's of them?
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