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Jan 5, 2017
Oct 10, 2008
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Elite Member, Female, from Michigan

V shed his skin last night, and had his sutures removed today. The incision is closed, clean, and healthy! Dec 14, 2016

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Jan 5, 2017
    1. Flint
      Hey Dragoness!

      If I remember correctly our rainbows are about the same age. I was just wondering if you have any recent pics of Peaches? I'd love to see how she's grown! I'm sure she's bigger than Snakey lol he seems to take his time in the growing department.

      Well have a good one I hope everything is going good :)
    2. okiron
      Whatever happened to those chocolate millipedes that you couldn't find the scientific name for? Did you ever figure out what they were?
    3. LovetheBaruu
      Counting down to March!!
    4. GoffReptiles
      Hey, I finally got some pics on here...Got one of the Blue Eye up, but I'll get a better one soon.
    5. Frognut
      Wow - I sure have grown my collection from the last time I looked at THAT!! No wonder my husband thinks I'm off my rocker...
    6. Uamenti09
      Do you have care info you can give me on brazilian rainbow boa? Just the basics as far as hum.temp.housing. thanks!
    7. cwdYoshi
      maybe can you show me your CWD tank so i can get an idea
    8. jono
      ah ok thanks for lettin me know.
    9. jono
      me either..
      well i chopped some sweet potato and put it in with them this morning along with a small handful of some generic frosted bran flakes with dried cranberries. they went crazy for it all! they even seemed to eat more of the ground dry food today too. maybe they just need something sweet to really get their appetite going. thanks for the tip. :)
    10. jono
      ah i see. im gonna have to get to the store to get some veggies. ive given them apple and banana slices but i just end up having to take them out since they get nasty rather quick. ive been giving them the catfood and cereal too.. but i ground it in a blender. its not fine like powder more like a coarse meal.. is that what you did or do you give it to them whole?
    11. jono
      pretty much same here just waiting for the colony to start growing. i just got everything sorted out with the temps and humidity over the weekend and they are so much more active now than they were before. what all are you feeding yours? i cant really tell if mine are eating well or not..
    12. jono
      hows things going with the discoids?
    13. hennisntacanibal
      I can certainly see why you love her. I've always wanted a snake (or ten), but the opportunity never presented itself. Someday!
    14. Rich
      Thank you dear, it is very appreciated. I am updating the meter now.
    15. pitviper
      hi. ive just got a argentinian black and white tegu, but I don't know the age of it, its about 20" (snout to tip of tail)? thanks.
    16. Rich
      Not sure if you reread the comments after you post them, so this is what I wrote:

      You should send me those pictures anyways! I am sharing my pictures, share yours!
    17. dalmationkaren
      just wondering how the project Palmetto is doing. I am thinking but not sure its plawsable to breed them
    18. jclee
      My axolotl tank started in the livingroom, and I had to rotate bottles of ice once ever three hours or so. Now, with them in an air conditioned room and a fan over the tank, the temp's stable. (Chillers cost way too much money for me to even think of them as an option.)
    19. jclee
      If their water temp gets to around 74 farenheight, Axolotls begin to get very ill. I'm keeping mine at 70-72 right now (thought I expect it to get cooler in the winter.) It hasn't been too hard to keep the tank cool now that it's in a room with an air conditioner.
      There are pretty cool care sheets at Axolotls: The Fascinating Mexican Axolotl and the Tiger Salamander. You should check them out. I guess, once you get the rhythm of their maintenance, they're not that tough.
    20. jclee
      Thank you for the compliments on my Axolotls. I've been keeping amphibians for decades, now, but I've only had these axolotls since July. Keeping their temps low enough, and the water quality good enough, is kind of a pain.

      I'm jealous! Working in a zoo must be pretty fantabulous. And you have such a lovely collection of pets, yourself.
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    Full-Time Burger-Flipper
    My Interests:
    Obviously, I like herps if I'm here. Been keeping them for over 20 years now I think. Can't remember exactly when this started. Other interests include reading, art/craft/photo, cooking, hiking, the list goes on.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Boelen's Python
    Emerald tree boa
    Dumeril's Boa

    Sunglow Boa
    Viper Boa
    Tricolor hognose
    More Boiga!
    More Stenophis!
    Favorite Reptile:
    Most definitely snakes.
    I love reptiles, but snakes are my favorite!

    Other hobbies include cooking, photography, arts and crafts, biking, hiking, kayaking, reading, writing, taxidermy, carnivorous gardening...


    My name is Jen.

    "Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar."

    -Bradley Miller-