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Jun 6, 2016
Mar 28, 2004
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Feb 19, 1964 (Age: 56)

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Jun 6, 2016
    1. Circe
      Hey Dominick,
      I saw that it was your birthday today so I just thought I'd pop in and say Happy Birthday! Beautiful iguana by the way!
    2. Lyn
      Im doing well Dominick.....been living on my own now almost 2 years....and loving it...hehehehe .....have a great man in my life who takes great care of me....and no more controlling.....We have had little snow this winter but it is still cold LOL....some day....South here I baby is 11 so a few more years LOL....hope all is well xoxox Lyn
    3. MacAdder
      Hi Dominick
      I have a respectful question or two. Would it be possible to speak with you openly?
    4. brandon
      Hey Dominick! You seem to have a lot of up close and personal experience with Greens. Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself.
    5. IguanaMom
      Hi Dominick, I just posted a thing under HELP its way to long to re-type so if you could check it out Id really appreciate it! Im worried about LaLA. I also sent a msg to Merlin.
      Thanks Nat
    6. DWC24
      i heard that you have a free roaming iguana? do you have any comments and tips about it. im interesting in having my iguana be a free roamer?
    7. Vitina
      Hey! I'm new! But our name reminded me of my friend's favorite actor named Dominic! He loves reptiles and bugs.
    8. IguanaMom
      Thanks Dom,
      It was picked up about 30min before I got to the shelter, I was told that it was found wandering the streets in Atascadero,(30miles from me) I was hoping to see it but was told it was BIG! Heck who knows, to us it probably wasnt all that big. But thank you for your input! I knew I could count on you for good advise!!
    9. IguanaMom
      Hey Dom I need help!
      I hope you saw my post under general! I dont know where to start or how to help at animal Regs. Any help whould help!!
      Thanks NAT!!
    10. pff
      hey dominick i am new here well. just wanted to say hello
    11. juniorsmama
      I'm scared for my new ig..he's being really hand shy at first he was ok... the petshop told me to handle him as much as possible but I think it is better I let him settle for a couple of days...please give me your opinion on this I want to make him comfortable with me..right now all he has on is a 60 watt light... I don't think this is healthy for him but the petshop most likely like you said informed me wrong help me ...
    12. Will11303
      Hey, Dominick how do you get an avatar and one of the messages that always appears at the bottom of certin people's replies? And how do you get someone to be your friend? Just wondering.
    13. Og_
      Thanks for your help!
    14. nicole
      hey, leave my scores alone! GO AWAY, lol
    15. Tammy
      HEY! I know you are there. Now go lay down.
    16. Tammy
      Go Lay Down!
    17. Tammy
      Aren't you supposed to be working? Oh sorry, that's me that should be working!!!
    18. vegasandbecca
      Happy Birthday!!!
    19. kronik070
      pictures are posted in new construction. i have a few before the foam was on, when i was fitting it on the tank if you wanna see.

      well thanks again

    20. Rich
      Hey, Tammy needs a valid email address. I added her to my friends list, but the email bounced back. Shoot me a PM with her current email addy so I don't get anymore of them. lol
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    Feb 19, 1964 (Age: 56)
    My Interests:
    As a founding father and member #2 of Herp Center I take a keen interest in watching how people interact with one another on our forum.
    Favorite Reptile:
    Crested Geckos, Iguana


    "Do you watch too much television? Did you do so as a toddler? Evidence tonight that it could be the cause of learning disorders, like attention deficit and hyperact-Ooooh, a kitty!" - Keith Olbermann