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Sep 1, 2010
Jun 30, 2008
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Devils keeper

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Sep 1, 2010
    1. Dragonkeeper
      Hi Devils keeper. I found my dragons at a reptile convention in Sacramento 2008. They were raised by Agama International and bought from LLL Reptile. So they did a bit of traveling before they reached me.
      How did you acquire your dragons?
    2. Boristhespider
      Hi devils keeper, I'm new to keeping reptiles and I'm having a couple of problems. I bought an Australian water dragon about 12 months ago, not sure if it's male or female. About 6 months ago I decided to get another as a companion. Recently they've started to fight and I'm starting to thing I'm going to have to separate them.

      Just wondering if you have any advice as I've noticed you have 3 dragons living happily together
    3. Dragoness
      I want to thank you for the advice on the dig pit - It worked out well for my CWD.
    4. Frankenstein
      Frankie thanks you for your help! He's a good bit bit warmer now and a menace, it's very hard to keep the temps so high in such a low climate but he's nice and warm these days!
    5. Devils keeper
      Devils keeper
      Hi there Melissa, It sounds like Bandit will be fine with the help on antibiotics- great! My lot have been cold too and I have been monitoring their new enclosure closely to ensure against extremes. I am lucky I like hand rearing so inspections are very easy. I often use a magnifying glass to check mouth, eyes, nose, ears and cuticles. I also check shed skins compared to new skin. Environment is so important! It must be difficult with unreliable summers and freezing winters. I have been looking at thermostats to build automatic heating, lights and cooling. Here in New Zealand our climate is on average 10-15 degrees C lower than in Australia so while it is colder, it is just outside the genetic tolerance for temperature/ thermo regulation. It is also easy to be fooled by our weather thinking it will be hot and then you get home to cold lizards. Yes their new cage is outside but is able to be brought in. I will google and try to find that book you have to, doesnt sound like bed time reading but sounds potentially invaluable! I would like to find a good book on anatomy as well! I have a basic book called 'Keeping Australian Water Dragons' by Jason Goulding and Darren Green, Home: Australian Reptile Keeper Publications They are basic books but quite informative, in this case the only book I have seen specifically on AWDs worth having! Great for showing friends what we choose to love and care for :) Cats are a problem here too but we have no raccoons to contend with. The cats get the electric fence treatment to keep then away but then they cant get at the lizards anyway.

      I hope this finds you well and that Bandit recovers well and soon. Thanks for the info regarding mouth rot, I will add it to my notes!

      Have a good night and look forward to hearing about Bandits recovery.

    6. dq14
      Hello Malcolm,
      The vet trip was ok. It's not a far trip by car, which is great because it's starting to get cold here. We've had snow fall but nothings stayed yet. Bandits mouth rot was in the early stage (stomititis ulcerosa, a bacteria that cause an inflamation of the mucus membrane), so he's on an oral antibiotic for that. It can be caused by snout rubbing or vitamin b deficiency or a monotonous environmental influences. I think Bandit got it because of the bad summer we had cold and rainy or really hot. Unfortunatly that weekened him and so he got a parasite (protozoans) so, he's on another antibiotic for that. They have them in their digestive tract and normally don't cause a problem, but because of the mouth rot... ( the vet gave me enough of the 2nd antibiotic to give to Lola but so far she's fine) . 3rd med was a pain one just incase it hurt .06 ml you can barely see it in the syringe. So, I came home and cleaned the cage from top to bottom and will now have to go and buy some new fake grass for the cage. :) I have a book called "reptile diseases" by Rolf Hackbarth, I've not had to use it much, thankfully.
      Poor little Scar, I'm sure he'll like his new home. Is the cage outside? I wouldn't be able to leave my 2 out, even in summer it can get quite chilly and then I'd be worrying about cats and things trying to get in. Raccoons will eat lizards.
      Anyways, It's midnight here in wonderful Quebec and I have to work tomorrow, so have a good night.

    7. dq14
      Lola is doing good but Bandit has a bit of mouth rot starting, so off to the vet I go. Going to sneak out of work early on Friday to go. He' had it twice before. i hope they give me the oral antibiotics, Bandits great with the needle, doesn't move but I feel so guilty injecting it into his little arm.
      So, what size are you going to make the new home? And whats the new guys name?

    8. dq14
      Hi, I checked out the pics. Your dragons are cute, they look so little. It also looks like you have a nice set up, lucky dragons.
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    I would like to have more to do with Tuatara and would own a monitor if they were allowed in NZ. I would also like to see a Komodo Dragon.
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    Water Dragons because they are easy to handle and care for but also their size and presence- kewl az