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Sep 25, 2006
Aug 12, 2005
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Sep 25, 2006
    1. Dr K
      Dr K
      A word to the wise, Dee... even nocturnal reptiles need a UV light. Nocturnal mearly means they are active at night, but they are idle and sunning during the day. It's not enough to simply feed vitamin D because it is sunlight (simulated by the UV light) that activates the vitamin D so it may help deposit calcium into the bone tissue. You can do everything else right, but without UV llight, no matter the reptile species, the result will always be MBD. Feel free to pass this info along to your friends. Cheers, Dr. K, DVM :)
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    Leezards, snakes, and rodents; visual arts, graphic design; music, singing, guitar.
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    Uromastyx, Savannah Monitor, Ball Python, lots more species of geckos!
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    Couldn't choose if I tried.


    I give up! I've officially lost count of the critters...