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Jul 18, 2004
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Jun 12, 2017
    1. Froich
      Thanks for the friend invite :)
    2. aquarles
      Thanks, that helps a lot! I read one site said 60% and below so I am glad you told me otherwise.
    3. aquarles
      Hi! Since you seem to know a lot about Rosies I was wondering if you could tell me a humidity level that is good to keep their habitat at? And a humidity level to be sure to NOT go over? Thanks!
    4. jbear
      haha wishing everyone happy birthday in bulk that's the way to do it :P
    5. agama3000
      that is one reason why I get mine young
    6. agama3000
      you got them young so you can keep them longer am I right
    7. agama3000
      how old is the snake
    8. agama3000
      I have a Senegal parrot(JayJay),he is old though,and blizzard is my have quite a collection
    9. agama3000
      oh yes they are beautiful creatures,what are they... 555666
    10. agama3000
    11. Rich
      Not sure if you noticed or not, but the Rosy Boa Caresheet is listed on the homepage. The direct link is here: Rosy Boa Caresheet - Reptile Forums - Herp Center

      I am going to start a thread now asking for more pictures.
    12. cornsnakemom
      Thanks for your info about the eating getting less frequent as they was quite comforting. I made a huge goof, though, in that he has been eating 2 fuzzies, not pinkies. We offered him a full grown, but he wasn't interested. He finally did eat ONE fuzzy the other night after about 3 weeks, didn't want the second one. Next time I thought we would try a fuzzy and a full grown and see what happens. He definitely seems fine otherwise, with bright eyes and very, very active.
    13. MyJake
      I need some advice...I thought Rosys are suppose to be gentle and rarely bite, if any. Mine seems to bite every chance! If you are comfortable with helping me please call me at 757-***-**** first snake and I really want to know more. If he continues to try to bite...I will have to get rid of him...So please help me...please? Jenn
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    more corns
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    yes i am a she ^_^

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