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Sep 5, 2008
Aug 16, 2008
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Sep 5, 2008
    1. CTsMom
      Thanks I do love him!! My boas were definately more aggressive then he is and they were also a breeding pair. I was sad to lose them, but I think I'm definately more bonded with CT has I do get to spend more time with him then I did with my boas. It seems like everyone thats active on this site really really really knows there stuff on their reptiles and its awesome that everyone gets to come together, so to speak, to discuss everything and educate people who are interested.... I'm lovin it!
    2. JIQRP
      Not with Ball pythons due to the fact that most will coil up in a ball rather than bite if the think they are in danger. This comes from not wanting to get eaten by their local predator in Africa the Cobra. They really have a docile nature to them, which makes them in my book on of the best Pythons for first time snake keepers. I am glad that you have a really good and healthy snake to enjoy for years to come.
    3. JIQRP
      I still work with dogs, it is a very rewarding hobby of mine that actually generates some cash flow. The Ball python business is actually a hobby as well and a passion to bring education to all about reptiles. I am working with a Great Pyrenees right now that has dominate issues at 10 months. Really dog training is just people training due to the fact that most dogs want to behave for their owners.
    4. JIQRP
      I know that is true about the dogs. I use to train dogs in Charlotte that had major issues from abuse. I trained Collen Oderguards dog and numerous others in Charlotte. I also frequently appeared on the news about rehabilitating dogs that had displacement disorders caused by owners. One of the main people for South East Guide dog school of training live in Charlotte, her name is Sue Stojchivic from way of Florida. She is an awesome trainer. You also have a Lady name Marge Goldman in Morrisville that is world known for her rule with Rottweilers along with Larry Lackey and Mike Ellis.
    5. JIQRP
      What is your major? I visited Charlotte last year and was in awe on what they have done to Independence High way. The town is really growing and the College is making a name for there selves.
    6. JIQRP
      Go UNC Charlotte 49!!!!!
    7. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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