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Jun 24, 2008
Jun 3, 2008
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Jun 24, 2008
    1. cornsnakemom
      Thanks again...I think we'll wait an extra week and try the adult again. Sure appreciate your help....have a great week!
    2. DarkMagician207
      next time you feed him, you can try a fuzzy and an adult mouse (offer the adult as soon as the fuzzy is almost gone in his mouth) but if that doesn't work, you can skip a week or two in feeding. it will not hurt him at all to go that long without food. it seems like a long time to us but for a snake its not. if you don't feed him for 2 weeks he may then be hungry and take the adult feeder with no problems. when my snakes were ready for adult mice (2 are over 5 years old now), it took about a week for them to get used to a bigger size but they took it with no problems. now it is completely normal for them to go every other week between feedings. sometimes they just aren't hungry. but you definitely want to get him eating adult mice as soon as possible. if i remember correctly, your snake is about 5 years old. he's pretty much an adult and should not be eating fuzzies or pinkies, it is not enough for him.

      good luck! :)
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