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Jul 23, 1985 (Age: 32)

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Aug 2, 2012
    1. Repilizard
      Well, yes this was what I was talking about.

      Carlyle might be a blizzard, when I bought Leopold, he was in the normal leo section, but he has the charateristics of a jungle morph. The most likely reason is that they might of not know how to spot a blizzard, or they thought he would get spotty.
    2. Repilizard
      Well, considering his current colour, I'd say he's a blizzard , 'cause I saw a leo hatch, and when they come out, they have all the colours, I got Leopold, he was a week old, and he had all colours. Speaking of witch, Leopold is about 2 months on friday, and he's 6 inches, I thought he would be smaller, about 4-5, so Leopold might also be large for a 2 month old, like Carlyle is for a 3 month old. Is Carlyle your very first reptile? Leopold is my first reptile! Also, I dont know Leopold's sex either, but I do know how to spot the signs!

      BTW, did you know we could have our own conversations instead of posting seprate messages? Under the comments I post on your page, there is a link you can use to view the conversation between us and add more to it, just thought you might like to know!
    3. CharlieJ
      so far he/she hasn't gotten any other color. Carlyle was more pink on his/her back when I first got him and now its gone slightly more yellow, but not a STRONG definitive characteristic of leopard geckos ya know? It jus kinda looks like he caught a wind of yellow spray paint ya know? Like, a transparent yellow where you can still see pink under it. I submitted pics here to ask others about his/her morph cuz I think the pet shop was wrong, they said just a normal but everyone on here said blizzard. Right now, unless he all of a sudden has spots/strips etc, I'm gonna go with blizzard. He's also exceptionally large for a 3 month old. About 7 inches from nose to tail tip....any thoughts on that?
    4. Repilizard
      Aww Carlyle looks so pale and cute! Is that paleness the natural skin colour for him/her? Also, what morph is he/she?
    5. CharlieJ
      Hey everyone!
      My name is Charlie and I just joined the site! I live in Washington Heights (uptown NYC). I'm a stagehand and carpenter and I have a leopard gecko that I named Carlyle, I got for my birthday at the end of July. Carlyle is my very first reptile and I think he's/she's just the coolest :)
      I don't know the sex yet, or if Carlyle is a morph, but I'm pretty sure from my research that its a blizzard, and could also be abnormally large because its about 6 inches long, tail included and is only supposedly almost 3 months old. We shall see and whatever will be will be :)
      But I joined this site because I think its an awesome forum for people with like interests, pets, questions, answers, debates, news, and concerns to get together and have each others' knowledge, information and support. So thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to discussions with all of you in the future!

    6. Rich
      Welcome to HC! We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.
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    Jul 23, 1985 (Age: 32)
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    I enjoy all kinds of music and movies, I think Tarantino and Hitchcock are brilliant and Kevin Smith movies are hilarious.
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Eventually a second gecko as a companion for Carlyle
    Favorite Reptile:
    So far my first reptile pet is Carlyle and he's my favorite :)