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Jun 19, 2012
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Sep 8, 2013
    1. AjaMichelle
      My bf is helping me with Liam's enclosure and he's been amazing so far. :) It's his design and the pieces we have been able to get are coming together very well. :)
    2. AjaMichelle
      I ended up telling someone later but that was my whole day today and every time I've tried to go to Lowe's at any point in the last two weeks. I was just done at that point. :( I feel like it's taking me forever to build Liam's enclosure too. I've been working on it for over a month.
    3. AjaMichelle
      Dude! I got the wood and almost everything else too and went over to the area where they cut it. I walked up as one of the employees walked over to the saw. The guy saw me, we made eye contact. I stood there for TEN MINUTES with a CART of ply and 2x4's thinking he was turning the saw on. Finally, I was like, "um hi, can you cut this for me?" the guy responded with "No" and turned back around. So I said, "okay... is the saw broken? do I need an employee other than you to do it?" and he responded, "it's broken" and turned back around. And I was like "do you know when it'll be fixed?" and he looked at me like I was insane and then said "uh no?! I don't know what's wrong with it" then sighed all loud and turned around.

      So I left... and I only have the frame and sealant at this point.

      I could not believe that guy. I'm trying so hard to work on her enclosure and it's just been a disaster. :(
    4. AjaMichelle
      Okay cool. I have to go back tomorrow to get the wood so I'll just take it back and exchange it. :)
    5. AjaMichelle
      Hey! I ended up getting the oil based polyurethane minwax instead of the polycyclic because it was less expensive. I'm not sure if the quart size polycrylic would be enough for her whole enclosure. What do you think? Have you worked with the oil based stuff?
    6. AjaMichelle
      That's adorable! :) I did the same thing as you niece... Except I was whispering to myself lol :)
      Awesome thanks so much! :)
    7. AjaMichelle
      I'm not worried about the lizard claws. I'm sealing the wood then covering every surface of the base with FRP, then siliconing it. The wood will be sealed just in case the silicone breaks at any point. :) how long does it take each coat to dry. My location has very low humidity.

      Also, Liam let me pick her up last night!!! She climbed into my hand and was trying to smell my face.
    8. AjaMichelle
      Hey girl hey!
      How many coats of mini wax should I use to seal my wood?

      I'm going to do an overlay of FRP too so the sealing is just to err on the side of caution.
    9. AjaMichelle
    10. AjaMichelle
      I just looked at the album! She's cool. :) I've never seen one before.

      Does she have any cool behaviors?
    11. AjaMichelle
      Do you have a thread about your armadillo lizard?
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