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Sep 5, 2014
Jul 8, 2006
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Sep 6, 1984 (Age: 36)

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Sep 5, 2014
    1. mshrmheadcharge
      Oh hay dreamboy. Whats up with you? Just being dreamy?
    2. LovetheBaruu
      You are being too quiet; it's creepin' me out.
    3. mshrmheadcharge
      My person misses your Person Misterman!
    4. schlegelbagel
      He's getting SO MEAN too. Its great.
    5. wildheart
    6. kriminaal
      Saw your mug in Reptiles mag.
      Nice shot. Hope you didn't get
    7. Merlin
      Not sure. To be honest this time of year is so busy for me that I haven't had time to do more than just quick scan of it. What was the article you are supposed to be in?
    8. Ravenous
      thanks for the add my fellow South African. Love your Pic's!!!
    9. untsmurf
      Actually no, it's on my lower left leg on the inside, above my ankle. And thank you!! I really like it.
    10. mshrmheadcharge
      Hey! yeah my snake is pretty ****ing *****in right? Her name is aundreah, shes a artic cobra boa, she can only live in the snow, she burrows in ice so I keep her enclosure in the freezer. Except I bump her temps up when she eats, she likes to eat tokoloshes, I have to catch them myself, not exactly easy. But shes a rare snake so shes worth it. Id really like to get to know you better...want my IM?? I think youre kinda...well...hawt like....really hawt...I love the pic of you in your avaratr you were a cute baby!
    11. Rich
      Happy Birthday Man!

      I'm not rushing you, just posting it here because I found this to be a great way to remind myself too: Cape Dwarf Cham Pics.
    12. The D
      The D
      Life is good. Spring has finoly come to Sweden! watch, because i said that there'll be snow in the morning. lol!
    13. yzfracer347
      thanks,i had a very ska birthday party like getting a ska band going eventually since my guitar skills have been progressing. i felt like you today i caught 5 alligator snappers and 2 garter snakes when i was out fishing.caught for the moment as a thrill.them snappers kept stealing my bait i had to get them out of the water
    14. Moshpitrockchick
      Haha seems Rich's sexy calendar idea is getting shot down big time...too racy for HC.
    15. titus
      I don't think I'll be making it to the big summer show thier this year but I plan to make at leat the last show of the year their I think in Nov/Dec. They have one every quarter year. The largest in the middle of summer. I'll have to see how work is going, so far my breeding seasons been starting slow, so if it will be a look maybe buy trip. But the'll be pictures none the less.
    16. yzfracer347
      Sounds exciting. Do you think biology is the best for me, Someone who wants to bee out in the feild, traveling and discovering. Id also consider settleing down way down the line and working in a zoo or most likely silver springs because its beautiful and 5 minutes away
    17. yzfracer347
      wow i wouldnt mind being an intern in africa. I would definately want to work in the feild thats what ive always done is been out there looking for animals in deep woods or rivers.
    18. The Showstopper
      The Showstopper
      Thanks Devon,

      I agree, I think Thailand is probably the best bet, will be a great adventure in their jungles. Have you been there before? Maybe will plan a trip to South Africa around Dec/Jan/Feb. You are lucky to have such wildlife in your back yard. The most exotic we get in London is the urban fox...You are welcome to come and visit London anytime and search out an adder or a grass snake


    19. Moshpitrockchick
      Next time you are around I have a proposal for you...and it doesn't involve winning a Darwin Award.
    20. The Showstopper
      The Showstopper
      Hi Caudalis,

      Great pics, there are definitely some stories there...

      I will try in the next days to get a few of my photos on. South Africa a very real possibility for me to visit in May. Is it a good time for snakes there then? Also in the running are Thailand and India...decisions like this are not easy!

      When you have a moment any advice much appreciated


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    Sep 6, 1984 (Age: 36)


    Right now probably in a plane somewhere or trekking through a jungle...see ya'll soon! Watch your back :D