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Nov 24, 2013
Dec 19, 2012
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Nov 24, 2013
    1. VaranusDragon74
      May I suggest a blue spot timor monitor (gets about the size of your hand), Amazon tree boas (may be bitey), or maybe a frilled dragon..
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    My Interests:
    Hi everyone,
    My names Steven and I live in central/southern California in a small touristy town.I've been working at a local/small pet store for awhile now. I went in not knowing much and have become obsessed with animals haha.

    Many of the photos in the gallery are from pets at the store.

    Other interests:
    Video Games
    Peanut Butter
    Alternative stuff - piercings/colored hair/tattoos
    Reptile Wishlist:
    I like some of the more unusual animals and I'm having a hard time finding some new ones. Currently I am looking for another reptile to add. I have room for a cage 2ftx2ftx4ft (LxWxH).

    What I'm looking for:
    Being able to handle it (doesn't have to be often)
    Unusual and beautiful
    Doesn't get too big

    Some guys I've been looking at are panther chameleons and green tree pythons. Really as long as it's beautiful, unusual, healthy, and doesn't get massive I'm fine with it. I spoil my pets and have access to whatever I need at the store so difficulty of care does not matter to me. :) If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you for reading my long essay introduction and I hope to become friends with many of you!