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Mar 8, 2014
Oct 3, 2004
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Dec 3, 1966 (Age: 54)

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Mar 8, 2014
    1. JoeyG
      Wanted to answer your question about my number. Currently I'm back to 2 gtps and one deal being worked on. I lost the little red Biak, turned out he was farm bred and went really quick out of no where. recon is still being trouble. I made an arrangement with one of the local breeders and he has her. Still wont take mice even from him though.... Got way too expensive for me with the birds and vet visits so I left her with more experienced hands. Learned a lot and have gained a lot of experience working with them now. That's where i stand now, hope all is well on your end good to see you on the forum.
    2. JoeyG
      Hi! Just seeing how things were going and waiting to see more Gollum pics :-) Recon has a few more green scales but nothing drastic. I've been told Biaks can take a while though. Hope things are well and as always look forward to your photos!
    3. mld
      OMG, Gollum is growing up! I can't wait for pictures
      Thanks for the update
    4. apple9913
      Your tanks are so beautiful!
    5. Flint
      Hey I just saw in a post that you're in CA!! Is there any chance you might be going to the Reptile Super Show in San Diego this weekend? I'll be there, hoping to pick up a baby argentine boa :D
    6. Swimmer522
      Hey was just browsing around you have 19 snakes?! holy cow! I commend you! I have a little bitty corn. Also just wanted to say you are awesome! haha All of your shows are my absolute favorite too!
    7. Animallove87
      Ok I will . He is starting to come out of the log now. ;-]
    8. BlackJack
      If you have seen him and he has not been injured by the mouse, just leave him alone for a while -- He's being a TYPICAL drive-you-crazy Ball Python!!!
      (My BP has been hanging from the ceiling for 2 days... thinks he's a GTP maybe)
    9. Animallove87
      Hi.. Yeah he is ok now but he still won't come out this hallowed log. I don't know what to do .
    10. Animallove87
      When I got home yesterday Tarzan was still in his log and the mouse was still alive so I put the mouse in a seperate tank till he comes out the log.
    11. mld
      Just letting you know that GTP is back on the site now.
    12. mld
      I think that you are needed to a new member (ChihuahuaMom)who has just acquired a GTP, in the introductions forum.
    13. Rich
      Let me know when you are ready for reactivation as a mod, we miss you!
    14. LovetheBaruu
      Wow! You sure have been silent lately! Hope you are happy and healthy!!
    15. LovetheBaruu
      Ahh thanks, I will have to check them out!
    16. LovetheBaruu
      Can you remind me? The names of the 2 artists am I supposed to be checking...
    17. LovetheBaruu
      Not to worry, I will not be slappin' on a swimsuit anytime in the near future!! I am considering a capybara, I hear that they do enjoy a pool!
    18. LovetheBaruu
      Thank you for the request! See you in LA? I wish~~
    19. wildheart
      Thank you Andrea, never thought of myself as supportive. Thanks. :-)
    20. Og_
      You don't get very many visitor messages do you cutie?
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