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Jun 6, 2012
    1. mshrmheadcharge
      Clear your inbox
    2. Rich
      technically they are forums though they aren't shown on the listing. I should have been more clear in my initial contact. lol I tweaked the section and wanted it to appear independant.
    3. Rich
      Its the link titled "Videos" in the nav above.
    4. Rich
      go to the video section and then create a post like every other forum except you need to click the little film strip in the editor and just paste the link to the video in the field. It will insert the video for you.
    5. mshrmheadcharge
      Lol, sorry! It's empty now
    6. bradyloach
      pictures are up.. humdity is still being a little harsh. thinking about buying a mist machine
    7. bradyloach
      I am using a hygro meter in the middle of the tank, digital with a prob. The same is for temp, middle of tank
    8. bradyloach
      Thanks man! Another one is, my humitdy is low! And it holds it better then before getting new substrate! But it's I'n a glass terrarium I put plywood on the top of the screen, cut out holes for the lights and left a little space for aIr on the cool side, but of I insulate the whole thing on the outside, will it help more??
    9. bradyloach
      yeah, its just a brick i put in a bucket of water and made soil. was pretty cool. should i be mixing it with sand?
      or is that stuff just okay
    10. bradyloach
      okay! so i got this brick of soil, from the pets store. i put it in water and within 30 mins i had like a whole bucket full! i was just wondering if this is good, it says it reptile safe. and castiel just loves it..... but now in my tank i have like 3 inchs of substrate. should i buy more of this and mix it with sand?
    11. bradyloach
      Alright! I'm gonna pick up some worms, and do a little bit of food hunting tomorrow to give a variety to him! Try and build trust so we can bond!
    12. bradyloach
      Do I just drop them in the cage and let him hunt? Or tongs?
    13. bradyloach
      Alright, thanks! So anything organic! Got it! I don't want to feed him rodents! Is 10 crickets a day enough? He only eat like 11 and then the rest hop around his cage all day
    14. bradyloach
      Can I feed him store bought shrimp?
    15. bradyloach
      Hey bb! I was just wondering, my monitor is eating lots of crickets, is there any other food that is easier to feed; and cheaper in the long run, cause dubia roaches aren't avabile right now! And crickets are kinda pricy
    16. AjaMichelle
      Hey your inbox is full! :)
    17. Rich
      Spam removed - thanks!
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