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Jul 16, 2014
    1. graduationxday
      lol. Dream big. haha.

      I wouldn't stack too high. Like, two cages, maybe three if some of them are small.
      I'm only 5'3. I don't have much on you lol.
      And I haven't grown any in two, almost three years. :[

      Oh gosh the most awesome thing happened today!!!
      I found two amazing tanks at the thrift store for CHEAPP.
      A 20 gal long, I believe, for $12 and what's maybe a 20 gal high for $15.
      I got them both :P

      The beardie that will be given to me by my grandparents' friends is a juvenile.
      So I think I'll keep her in the 20 long until I get the other cages built and everything settled. I think I'm going to name her Rosalie. :]
    2. graduationxday
      I'm really not sure.
      I would expect she's well taken care of, because the people who have her have alot of money. lol. They could get anything they wanted.

      And I'm gonna make the cages stackable. :]
      I'm moving stuff around in my room so everybody can fit.
      I'm moving out my dresser. lol. I've put my chest of drawers thingy in my closet, and that'll be where I keep my clothes. And with my dresser out of the way, I'll have plenty of room :]]
    3. godzuki777
      i always loved lizards since i was little and when my mom said that i could get one i got interested in all other herps like snakes. now i have a baby bp a adult corn snake and a mali uro.
    4. graduationxday
      I've only been saving money. I have to wait until my dad can help, cause I can't do it by myself. lol. And the only days he's home all day to go to the store and everything with me are Sundays, and I always have stuff going on on Sundays. Morning church, nught church, and random things with the youth. So yeah. :/

      Hah, I've had another person come to me with a beardie. My grandmother's friend's granddaughter has one she doesnt want anymore, and they said I could have it for free. But they don't have a tank or anything they'll sell me, so yeah. I told her I'd try to have it done in two weeks.... I'm hopefully going to get both of them, but time is running out. I'll have to borrow money from my parents as it is to get the cages done.
    5. graduationxday
      lol awwhhhh.
      I'll have to get a few friends together and drag them there. haha.
      most of my friends are guys, and pretty much anyone i'd be going with would be guys, so yeah. we'll see if I can get them to come see it. lol
    6. graduationxday
      Lol. I want to see Wall-E. I haven't yet. But I think it'll be sooooo cute :]]]
    7. graduationxday
      Not yetttt but my best friend did and he said it was amazing.
      But he's a comic book nerd so he thinks anything like that's amazing. lol.
      But I do want to see it. I'm pretty positive it'll be good. :]]
    8. graduationxday
      nahh he doesn't. he hasn't been trying to eat his cast. lol
      and thanks :]
    9. Drache Dame
      Drache Dame
      All scorps glow under a blacklight. However, UV light is deadly and needs to be kept to a bare minimum. I only use it for brief moments when viewing him at night.
    10. graduationxday
      yeah, but it also has to be there to let the humidity escape. hah.

      and my dad closed him in the door... accidentally of course. but yeah, it looks funny. we signed his cast. lol
      but i feel sorry for him. :/
    11. nicole
      I do not have 14 anymore, i have not updated my list in a while, i had way more than that at one point, lol. I have a 5 bedroom house that has a family room, living room, etc. I also have one chair in all those rooms and thats it, lol. My house is wall to wall enclosures. lol
    12. fire2225ems
      Actually mine isn't really flighty at all. But, that does not appear to be the norm. You do need to be careful when handling them for a couple of reasons. They will take flying leaps, and if you aren't ready, who knows where they will land... :) And also you should not hold the tail at all. Like most geckos, Cresties will drop their tails. Unfortunately unlike most, they will NOT regenerate it... So just be careful...
    13. shannond81391
      well they are great. they are always running around, jumping and exploring. but unfortunatley i do not have the time, or space they deserve and im looking for who wants them. they are cbb mali uromastyx, about 6 months old and they look great. its a pair (male and female). if you are really interested private message me. and where are you from btw? :)
    14. leahbrd
      My mom hardly comes over because of my snake. She is the biggest snake wussy in the WORLD! She saw the Uros and said - Leah...WHY? WHY! I smile...
    15. leahbrd
      I also have a cheap one. It came in little lizard kit that I bought. (I purchased a 20 gal with all the stuff in it for a gecko at a local petstore really cheap on clearance). Anyway, I found out VERY quick that the thing is a P.O.S. and went and bought a digital one. HUGE difference. I would recommend grabbing one. 15-20 bucks and it will read HIGH and LOW temps so you can see what it reads throughout the day.
    16. graduationxday
      probably building the tank.
      unless i find a good cheap one any time soon. haha
    17. leahbrd
      Well, in my Beardies cage I try to keep SOME humidity, so I don't bother with trying to keep it down by any means, but in my Uros cage, it needs to be VERY low. The only thing I can suggest to keep it down is bumping up the heat (which is pointless if you have damp substrate, or a large soaking dish, which would just make things more humid). #1 would be the lid - a screen, mesh lid with good ventilation is key, it allows the heat to evaporate the water, but quickly expels the humidity. As long as they have a basking spot, I doubt humidity should be a problem. Do you have a hydrometer? I got one for $10!!
    18. graduationxday
      i dont know really when, but i want to get his cage and everything set up so i'll need money for that. haha
      and the people i'm getting him from have already named him raptor.
      i don't feel like i should change his name. lol
    19. graduationxday
      Thanks for the picture comment. :]]]
      His name's Sprite. He's a rough green.
      He's really little. I love him to death. x]
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