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Jul 16, 2014
    1. graduationxday
      That's so awesome. :]
      I've never found anything really cool like that outside. :[
      lol, to me the coolest thing I found was a salamander. Two of them, and small one, and a teeny tiny one, maybe an inch long. Kept them both a day or two, then let them back go. They were amazingly adorable. haha
    2. graduationxday
      lol Totally too bad. You could be rich and famous like her.

      And I've had it two times so far, haven't had the third one yet, but it doesnt hurt as bad as the strep shot. Nothing does. Ugh.

      And I've had her a long time... I really dunno how long. lol.
      She'll need about a 120 gallon tank. So I think a pond is the best bet.
    3. untsmurf
      actually I didn't even realize he was doing it. It just felt a little warm. The tat on my hip is only about the size of a half dollar and it took about a half hour to finish. Just make sure you aren't planning on having any babies or letting your weight fluctuate, because it'll stetch out and deform really easily.
    4. untsmurf
      lol, yeah it is. I would have to say that the one in the middle of my back hurt the most, but only right on my spine. I almost cried when they were doing the top of the scale.
    5. graduationxday
      I hatehatehate shots. I don't mind them taking my blood from my arm, I actually think that's kinda cool. It doesn't hurt, it's just like a pinch. But with shots, what freaks me out is the fact that they're injecting you with something. And thats usually why shots hurt in the first place... Hehh.

      We didn't end up going to the pet store. I got to feeling really bad and I couldn't do it. As soon as we can though we'll be going there to get some wormies for Rose. And I'll prolly see if my other guys'll take em. My RES and my rough green snake.
      I put our RES in a new tank today. Upgraded from a 10 to a 20 high.. That's all we have. Poor thing. He needs a bigger tank. His shell's abt three or four inches, so that's thirty or fourty gallons. But we're short on money. I'd actually like to wait until we get enough money to move him into a small backyard pond that'll keep him for the rest of his life. It'll be cheaper in the longrun, I think, then to keep buying him bigger tanks. I'm about to do research on that and see how expensive they get... and then I'll prolly look into building one myself and see which is less expensive. Hah
    6. graduationxday
      I HATE shots. I had strep one time... I got the strep shot. I about passed out, seriously. Like I couldn't walk for ten minutes or I'd just fall back down. The doctor said some ppl take it well, and some don't at all. Heh.

      We're abt to go so yeah
    7. graduationxday
      What was the answer? lol. I have no idea abt that. gahhh.

      Anddd I've tried one kind... it was yellow. Idk, summer squash?
      And I'm going to the doctor today [[i'm sick :[ ]] and I asked my mom that if we passed a pet store could we go in and get some stuff for Rose.
      Like worms and a new UVB and heat light.
      I had a red heat light thing and it worked tons better than the ceramic heat emitter.

      And I don't like meal worms. They're the only feeder worms I've handled though, other than earth worms, which really don't gross me out at all. I was okay with mealies until I saw one that was like, morphing into a bug. I about threw up...
    8. graduationxday
      lol, I'm excited for my permit, even though it's way off. So I totally understand. haha.

      And she's eated turnip and mustard greens and parsley and sometimes celery, but not that often. I got an apple for her today that I'll get my mom to give her tomorrow.
      And she ate crickets today, I haven't tried any other insects yet. I'm hoping to get some wax worms and silk worms.
    9. untsmurf
      No, I have these:
      on my back:
      -my two brother's names on each shoulder
      -kanji for love right below my neck
      - a scale (like a balance) in between my shoulder blades
      on my hip:
      -custom design
      right lower leg:
      -baby dragon
      -italtian phrase

      I think that's all of them, lol
    10. graduationxday
      11 and 12 year olds are awful... Heh. But I'm not much older. lol. I'm 14... 15 in December. But I don't act like it, or so I'm told.

      And she finally ate!!!
      I don't know what finally got her to eat, but today was the first time I hadn't put it in a bowl thingy. Maybe that had something to do with it. Haha. And it was different greens. But she ate and I'm so happy and I don't feel like an awful mommy anymore. lol
    11. untsmurf
      Thanks! Yeah, it's a tattoo on my left inner leg, right above my ankle. It was my third tattoo.
    12. shannond81391
      hah thank you very much! :)
    13. graduationxday
      I adore little kids. I like three year olds best so far though. Haha.

      She hasn't eaten for a few days and hasn't pooped in a while. Idk what's wrong! I got her temps right and all... Do they eat before they shed? How often do they shed?
      And I haven't gotten anything bigger yet. Still waiting on my parent's help, unfortunately. :[
    14. graduationxday
      She didn't eat her crickets... and she hasn't eaten her salad in the past two days. Idk whats wrong and it's totally worrying me. :[[[[[

      Anddddd my petstore has plenty of mealies. I hate them. lol
    15. graduationxday
      Whoa. It said I had one pending thingy, but I can't find it...
      Oh, and I think I posted the last one on my profile instead of in the convo. :/
    16. graduationxday
      That's about how big Rose is. How old is your little guy? I'm attempting to determine Rose's age..

      And I'm a total texting junkie too... I went over $130... My mom told me she had thought cingular to cingular texting was free. So not my fault!! lol
    17. graduationxday
      Oh yeah, and my hair doesn't stay straightened here either. Haha.
      I don't have my liscense yet... Not even my permit.
      I turn 15 in Dec.
      I'll be totally thrilled when I get it though.
      I won't have to rely on my mom anymore! lol
    18. graduationxday
      Yessss Alice is very huggable. lol. Rosalie's kinda stuck-up, but I love her name.
      I finished the 4th book today :]
      And I haven't read The Host, but my boyfriend has and he said it wasn't that wonderful.
      I'm prolly gonna read it anyways. lol

      I got Rosalie today :]]]]
      She's in her new cage right now. It was hard for me to leave her alone lol.
      She pooped and it freaked me out.
      Idk if it's normal poop or not. I posted a thread about it. Haha.
      I know it's crazy. :/
      I just want to make sure she's okay.
    19. graduationxday
      Same weather down here. I hate it. :/

      lol Jacob gets on my nerves. But he gets better in the 4th book. I loooooveeee Alice. I think she's my favorite :]]

      Coollll. I live in central Alabama... It's very boring. But I love the ppl here so I wouldn't trade it for anything. Haha.
    20. graduationxday
      I looked at the dresser I was moving out of my room and thought about something like that. My mom would never let me though. lol

      And yeah, there's totally inspiration. I'm a book nerd. And in the Twilight book series [[which is simply amazing!!!!!!]] there's a vampire named Rosalie. I thought it was a pretty name. I loved it ever since. :]

      So where are you from?
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