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Jul 16, 2014
    1. graduationxday
      I'm fourteen. lol. But the thing is, most of my friends are older.. I get along better with older people. I get told alot that I'm mature for my age, which in my opinion is a huge compliment. lol.
      And I'm somewhat stressing too... Going to an IB school is so hard. And it's just my freshman year so far.. everyone says it gets harder from here.
      They pile work on us sooo much.
      But the thing is, if I finish my highschool years at this school, I'll start college as a sophomore, and I'll get tonssss of scholarships.
      And I enjoy learning and such, so I like it. hah
    2. graduationxday
      lol exactly.
      So, whats up?
      My little sister had her birthday party today so there was like a million little kids at my house. hah
    3. graduationxday
      I agree... With all of that. lol.
      Well, the whole edward thing kinda didn't suprise me. I wasn't expecting it, but after it happened, I thought "Heyyy that's neato :]]" lol

      Ahhh I accidentally posted that on my profile comment thingies. Hahhh
    4. graduationxday
      It was strange. lol. Very unexpected. Yeah, I wish Jasper were in it more too. I think he's awesome. Haha
      Alice is my favorite, I think.
      She's awesome.
    5. graduationxday
      And it was amazing, right???
      I loveloveloved it. :]
    6. furryscaly
      Yeah, but it's not like battery acid or anything. Just kinda smells like vinegar and itches a little. Makes your eyes and nose run though when it's in the air though.
    7. Brewster320
      Ya I'd say so, he's gotten thicker and he's gone from like 6inches to 8. I'm surprised how fast he's gotten in just a month.
    8. Brewster320
      He's doing great, hes eating every 3 days, hes definatly growing, he's shed once and his eyes are blue again so hes going to be shedding any day now so thats twice in about one month. The only 2 problems I've had with him is he completely destroyed his vivarium haha, so I just took it apart and changed just to eco earth a water bowl, some sticks, and 2 hides. He also escaped once while i was feeding him, i stupidly left the room for a minute and he was gone, I had to tear a part the room to find him haha. He's a pain but hes a little character.
    9. graduationxday
      I think he does, but I'm not sure. I know he has. But yeah. Haha
    10. graduationxday
      Wow, really?
      Hognoses are known to be incredibly tame animals. Maybe she was wild caught...
      My history teacher breeds hoggies [[which is totally awesome lol]] and he has for like, ever. Hah, he's 40. I'd guess 20 years but I really dunno. Anyway, the point. He's only been bitten once in his whole career. He has around 200 snakes. Well, he doesn't just breed hogs. He breeds milks and corns and bulls too. :]

      Favorite teacher, needless to say. lol
    11. graduationxday
      I think they're yellow when they're babies. Either yellow or red. I may be getting them confused with the green tree python though...
      And if you wanna talk about cute tiny snakes, the hognose definately is one. lol.
      I absolutely love them!!
    12. graduationxday
      I haven't heard of them, I don't think.
      So I'm totally about to go look lol.
      I really love emerald tree boas.
      I've just heard they're mean little things.
      Green tree pythons are pretty awesome too.
      I'm currently learning the species and subspecies of boas.
      Well, I'm starting with the "true boas," boinas. Includes the common boa and red tails and such. The "sand boas" are a different species that I haven't learned anything about yet.
    13. graduationxday
      Neato. :]

      And rawr. No.
      I keep talking about it, and my mom's into it now.
      So HOPEFULLY it won't be much longer.
      But it probably will be, knowing my dad. -__-
    14. graduationxday
      I soaked them both today, and gave their cages a complete cleaning, not just spot cleaning. And he only hissed twice, and puffed once!! :]
      Much improvment from last time. Haha.
      Rose is a calm little girl. And she has beautiful orange coloration under her lost skin.
      I hadn't noticed it before.
    15. graduationxday
      I ammmm. But it seems like he's stopped shedding... and I know all his old skin isn't gone yet. :/
    16. graduationxday
      Yes, veeeeeeerrrryyy much so.
      He's still shedding though.
      Does it usually take this long?
    17. furryscaly
      Haha, yeah, they're pretty awesome ;) They shoot acid from their tails. I used to breed them, but they always wound up eating the eggs.
    18. graduationxday
      His name's Raptor. I don't much like it, but it's been his name for four years and I don't feel like I have the right to change it.
      He's so dirty, poor thing.
      And he's in the middle of shedding.
      Is it supposed to come off in pieces?
    19. graduationxday
      Sounds like the salamander I found.
      Neat little things :]
    20. JIQRP
      Thanks so much for the picture comment!
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