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Feb 14, 2014
    1. andys3ballpythons
      ive got one egg incubating that i got from the pet store, other than that im waiting for my ball pythons to get into the action, i may have one gravid female, but not for sure yet
    2. Jflores
      Just got back from the reptile show, and good news...the wifey fell in love with a bubblegum corn so I made her a deal, If she wanted the bubblegum corn so bad she would have to allow me to adopt off one of our original corns.....and.... So she if you want the Lav is all yours...
    3. Jflores
      LOL, I agree, I think one of the most intimidating factors in regards to sands is the fact that they are always hiding and you never where they are or if they are going to strike due to a feeding response......NO worries, we can split everything 50-50 or I can take the bulk of it...That way I can consider it a practice run when it comes to shipping... Believe it or not this will be my first shipping as well, I usually have my friend ship all my reptiles however she ended up joining the Marines and is currently in boot camp...besides Ill ship first and we will go from there.........that's if it's okay with you.
    4. Jflores
      LOL, if you want, and if I find what I am looking for, I would consider it a pleasure to adopt Brew from you.. Considering that you seem to be in love with corn snakes just as much as I am.
    5. Jflores
      Lol, apart from screaming and threatening it's life I think she took it rather well....That so funny she was saying the same thing to midnight before she lunged at her Lmao.....I think they know what we are saying…... Motley are truly amazing, according to the breeder who gave me the candy cane, she bred it's mother to a motley of some sorts and this is what she got (my beautiful candy cane) I think I may have something for you, one of my friends is selling at a reptile expo today and I think he owes me a favor or 10 ;D..... My name lol well it's kind of long but here it goes.... Johnorber Flores ---- but every one calls me NJ, or J
    6. Jflores
      Ahh, thats the thing with sandboas they are extremely fiesty when no one is looking lol., as a matter of fact my fiance got bit not so long ago by the biggest female who is close to 2.5ft and is as triple the size of my hognose...lets just say that I have a new found respect for them little critters lol (it left 4 teeth on Denise's wrist)...Is there any corn in particular that you are interested in within my collection or outside of it?
    7. Jflores
      One could only imagine how the colors will increase in brightness... XD
    8. David McConley
      David McConley
      Thanks so much for the comment about my corns. The snow in the picture was a female and the creamsicle is a male. Their names are Buffy and Angel, she passed away about a year ago after she laid a clutch of 23 eggs that subsequently died also. I checked to see if she was egg bound, but I did not find anything. I miss her dearly. Currently, I have Angel, Caliente (a blood red), Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein (a hypermelanistic), and John Thatcher and Lady Joceyln (a breeding pair of normals). All but Caliente are rescues, Cali was an Father's Day gift from my Father-in-Law. Sorry, I know I have rambled on-when the subject of snakes comes up, I just can't seem to SHUT UP! Take care.
    9. mld
      I would have loved to see that on video, I would do the same thing!
    10. mld
      I have no idea on the answer to that question, I would definitely use gloves instead of tongs to pick he up. I'll let the experts answer that question. Love the pictures of her feeding that's great! Good that she has a good feeding response!
    11. mld
      LOL, Your too funny! So do you think it's a female??? She'll settle in eventually! Has she bitten yet, how big are those teeth? She sounds so sweet! : )
    12. puzzlebean
      Hi! I use spaghnum moss for Jigsaw's moist hide. I started it with paper towels, but it didn't really do the trick. He couldn't burrow in it. So I take a handful of spaghnum moss and wet it with warm water. If you are more interested in exactly how and want to see pics I could do that.

      I do use paper towels for Puzzle's moist hide. He loves it. But fat-tails don't the towels work great.
    13. mld
      My husband bought me one too, the battle for the computer was between me and my daughter. Be aware that he just might sneak it from you because its so convenient and portable!
    14. mld
      Hey you got you Elite status, Congratulations!
    15. mld
      Hi I just messaged hennisntacan, for some help for your little one.
    16. Whiskey
      He was still being a butt. lol. And since I work in the medical field, I couldn't handle him, so I ended up giving him to a friend who is a lit more familiar with snakes than i am last week.
    17. aquarles
      I will be ordering one this thurs. if I can not find a place locally that has them. I am hoping that walmart or petsmart will have one. I have wasted money on those dial thermometers so I hope I can take them back.
    18. frozflame
      Make sure you get a digital thermometer with a probe. My tank never gets to 90 degrees. And my snake is happy as can be. If you can amp up the temp to 85, you should be good.
    19. aquarles
      The hot side is 80F and the cooler side is 70F. I know the hot side should be around 90F, and i've been struggling to keep it warmer. I am going to buy a ceramic light since she does not like the light, but needs the heat. We keep our apartment pretty cool on the inside so I don't want that to effect her being too chilly.
    20. frozflame
      What are your temps like right now? I currently live in Florida, and since corns are native here, they can pretty much tolerate whatever the weather is. So I keep him at my ambient house temp with an undertank heating pad.
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