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Apr 21, 2018
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Apr 21, 2018
    1. CentriRitanni
      I would do at least two, though if you have any fear of lizard nails getting to it, four might be better. I use 5 layers on my dragon cages (though the wood is open to them, not FRP covered, so I err on the side of caution). I think Wayne claimed to have used 5 coats of Dutch Boy. Hope that helps. :)
    2. CentriRitanni
      Ok, ok, I'll start a thread, just for you! :b
    3. CentriRitanni
      I don't, but I could start one. She's a goober for sure, just a bit skittish. I'm considering breeding her... though the thought of breeding makes me ridiculously nervous. >.< I do have an album of her, though. :)
    4. Mrflay
      Just cleared it right now ! I got an email telling me I had to :P
    5. EasyDoesIt
      Haha no just made it up
    6. Evozakira
      Yes bulb sry my phone changed it
    7. Evozakira
      Hey Aja what uvb build is good for anoles
    8. huskergirl
      I have! Thanks for all that info! It's much appreciated! I was convinced my little guy was a little girl, but after that description, I'm thinking I was right the first time. I suppose I'll know for sure in a few months anyway. :)
    9. huskergirl
      Hi! I have a quick question, if you don't mind. I saw you posted in a CWD forum about sexing them. You mentioned the femoral pores, of course, and something about post anal bulges. I've never seen anything about those, and I can't really find anything. Do only males have that? My dragon is 19 in total, so I'm starting to look for signs. "He" does have two bulges near his vent, so I'm wondering if that means he is definitely male. Any help would be awesome! :)
    10. Vers
      What's up, first friend?

      (by the way I don't expect and actual response to that since it's kind of rhetorical, but if you want...)
    11. Evozakira
      Hey aja what kind of black and gold soil do i get and who sells it
    12. bradyloach
      Hi! I just wanna ask you a question! What's The temp suppose to be on the cold side and warm?
    13. Evozakira
      Im getting the whole set up done before i get the Gecko. Gonna make sure everything is perfect for it :) gonna have some ok cash to get it right. Oh btw Nipper loves the humidifier! Thanks for help there :D
    14. Evozakira
      My flight is delayed, think theres any herping to be done in the airport XD lol
    15. Evozakira
      Im gonna get a Tokay when i get back in town the 23rd. I think im gonna use repmart, im seeing nothing but great reviews. Their facility looks awesome too.
    16. Rot
      That's really neat! Yeah that does suck that you lost it :c
    17. Evozakira
      What are the good reptile sites to order from? Never done online before.
    18. Evozakira
      I found the one that was making noise! He went straight into Nipper's mouth :)
    19. Evozakira
      Ok this new batch of crickets wont shut up ! :(
    20. BarelyBreathing
      Oops, sorry! All cleared now.
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