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Jul 8, 2010
Mar 12, 2009
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Jul 8, 2010
    1. Makeda
      I have a rose hair only cause the pet store I worked at she made an egg sac so I bought her raised the babies and sold them but kept her, and a ghost ornamental and hopefully soon to be adding a salmon pink bird eating and a Poecilotheria metallica huge fan of Pokey's!!! :D
    2. Makeda
      A rose hair, Only got her cause she made an egg sac at the petstore I worked at so I hatched the babies and sold them but kept her, and then I also have a ghost Ornamental, soon I hope to add a Salmon pink bird eater and a Poecilotheria metallica :D
    3. Makeda
      I have 1 Savannah Monitor, 2 Kingsnakes and 2 tarantulas,
    4. Makeda
      Very cool :)
    5. Makeda
      Very sweet! what kind of parrot?? my parents own a Green wing Macaw and an Umbrella cockatoo
    6. Makeda
      hehehe yup he is my Sav my little baby! :) what do you have?
    7. Makeda
      No Makeda is my Savannah Monitor, why?
    8. Dragoness
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
    9. Og_
      No, That's a Savannah Monitor.
    10. Merlin
      It is jewelry that generates a magnetic field. It is used for pain relief for various ailments.
    11. omercer
      sorry I put it as my friends can only veiw it....but no I fixed you can look ahah
    12. agama3000
      I made the album but didn't have any pics for it XO
    13. DarkMagician207
      I got them from the pet store I used to work in. I got them younger so they could get more used to me as they grew up. Even though I didn't get Chaos as a baby, I was still able to handle him at the pet store and even after he was bought, it was a friend of mine so I still got to handle and see him so it worked out nicely.
    14. Rich
      I changed your profile pic for you.
    15. Rich
      It wasn't you. That is all you really need to be concerned with. ;)
    16. DarkMagician207
      I got Blizzard when he was a little string with eyes in October of '03. Chaos came to me when he was a few years old in August of '04 and Bullet was another string with eyes when I got him in September of '04 as well. It's hard to believe how fast they grow lol.
    17. tester
      I have the name tester because that is all I am. I am always one of the current staff members who is just logged in as this name. Right now this is actually Rich. I am testing a feature to make sure it works as I intend it to work.
    18. Amirra
      Thank you!
    19. rev294
      a painted turtle
    20. DarkMagician207
      Thank you. A friend of mine bred Senegals and Shadow was one of the babies. I hand fed him when he was a baby. Blizzard was my very first snake so I'm glad to have him.
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    savanna monitor
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    Green Tree Python