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Mar 12, 2009
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Jul 8, 2010
    1. Rich
      BTW, you never told me why you wanted to be taken out of the drawing for those cards when the contest was going.
    2. Rich
      Bearded Dragons are not easier to care for over Ball Pythons. They are actually more expensive and require more time, making them more difficult in relation to the ease of care associated with BP's. Ball Pythons are notorious for going off feed, and that is there only downside.
    3. Rich
      You haven't been on HC for 10 days now, and haven't responded to my PM. I am now guessing you lost the internet, or the PC. Let me know when you find a way to get online. ;)
    4. Rich
      Why do you want to be taken out of the drawing for the cards?
    5. Frognut
      Gretchen is a leopard gecko
    6. kriminaal
      Haha, I've been a mod for four years and never seen that part.
      Probably because I used to be an admin before the site merged with another.
    7. katie41586
      Thank you very much! I have spent a lot of time and money on them so its great to get compliments!
    8. autograf323
      Thanks for the bday shoutout just figured out I had a message thanks again
    9. kriminaal
      Hmm, I've never seen that. Where does it say that.
      I guess it would mean I've been fixing a lot of posts lately
    10. kriminaal
      One is super.
      Lol, I really don't know the answer to that. Except I'm not one.
    11. wildheart
      The first months you spend in the bathroom with it so it does not run away. You can't do much more than hold it and then you get tail whipped and bitten. It takes months even a year before they willingly will sit with you - sometimes.
    12. wildheart
      Read through the iguana threads - all of it, then you will know that these guys are NO FUN at all. Plus, you can't play with them.
    13. wildheart
      An iguana is not for beginners. They are VERY hard to care for and VERY aggressive not to mention VERY expensive to care for. They require a whole lot of hours each day otherwise they become uncontrollably wild. They can live longer than 20 years and they own you not you own them.
    14. wildheart
      The reason why forest looks so small is because he was only 1 year and 5 months old at the time of the photo and they are only fully grown at 5 years. 6 Foot is very big and a room is exactly what they need.

      Nope, you can not walk an iguana.
    15. wildheart
      Agama picture comment: everyone was questioning this in my family,why how did you get the idea to make a large room for a small lizard...I like it though(so does every one else,it was just a question),good job

      Iguanas grow up to 6 feet, they are definitely not a small Lizard.:)
    16. Og_
      It's a savannah monitor
    17. Makeda
      never owned them but worked with them at the store.
    18. Makeda
      owned one what?
    19. Makeda
      they are pretty, the pet store I worked at I was the tarantula guy, they were my area and I got to do all the ordering and care, it was amazing! :D
    20. Makeda
      sorry about that!! have you ever had any?
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