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Jan 19, 2011
    1. NowAndNever91
      Franklin hasn't waved his arm yet either, but my little Bearded Dragon has been arm waving ( I was going to ask what that meant, but since I know now... lol). It's so cute that she's showing dominance, she's so tiny! Thanks for the help! :)
    2. NowAndNever91
      Thanks for the add! :)
    3. David McConley
      David McConley
      Yes, they are really cool. Each one has it's own personality and wants to be handled in a different way. It is up to the owner to find out how the snake likes to be handled. It is good that your boyfriend is helping you overcome your fear of snakes. They are some of the most awesome animals to have as pets.
    4. David McConley
      David McConley
      Hi! Thanks for the question about my snake. The one in the photo is actually a blood python- she was a rescue that someone dropped off at Animal Control. Ball pythons (like all snakes) have the potential to bite, but they are less inclined to do so than other snakes-corn snakes are less prone to bite also. Fear of snakes can be overcome with some time and understanding. Most people who are afraid of snakes are afraid that they will get sick or die if bitten by a snake. This is rarely the case-unless the snake is venomous. Your family dog has more potential to hurt/maim/kill you than a snake does if it bites you. I suggest maybe going to a reptile show and walking around for a while. Take some time to look at the snakes. Many dealers will talk to you and explain something about the snakes they sell, then you can become more familiar with them. Then you can move on to touching one. Then move on from thewr. If you need me let me know. David
    5. CTScrivener
      I know how you feel. I always wish I could adopt the ones from pet stores just to give them a good home but then I remember I have three already that I have to build a BIG enclosure for already.
    6. CTScrivener
      Haha, thanks! Yeah, sometimes these dragons can do the darndest things.

      BTW, just had ANOTHER CWD born this morning....up to three babies and one ready to find a good home.
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