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Leopard Gecko Tank Decor

Tank Decor - Enclosure Decoration Ideas - Suggestions

Tank Decor - Enclosure Decorations

Tank decor-enclosure decorations are the items placed in the enclosure that serve to stimulate the leopard gecko, offer a means of exercise, and add an attractive quality to the enclosure. There are so many ways to include tank decor to an enclosure that we will not get into each method. Instead, we will touch on some ways to use tank decor as a means to improve the living space of the leopard gecko while also adding functionality and beauty to the enclosure itself.

Leopard Gecko Cave - Platform Combo
Leopard Gecko Cave - Platform Combo


Low level platforms are a great way to add additional space to an enclosure, create a means of exercise for the leopard gecko, and can add an attractive quality to the enclosure itself. Creating levels within an enclosure is vary simple and can be done in numerous ways. Since the goal is to add functionality as well as beauty, the use of flat stone or artificial tiles would be the most realistic in appearance. When suspending anything in which an animal can go beneath, you MUST ensure that it is safe and immobile. You wouldn't want the item falling and injuring or killing the gecko. Platforms are nothing more than a flat surface being placed on top of something else to hold it up. This creates additional floor space for the leopard gecko to utilize, and if raised high enough, creates a hide beneath it for the leopard gecko to use.

Leopard Gecko Driftwood
Leopard Gecko Driftwood


Driftwood has a natural beauty to it and can add to the aesthetics of almost any enclosure. Low level driftwood that doesn't take up a vast amount of the floor space will provide the leopard gecko with something to climb on as well as hide under. In addition, the natural colors of driftwood will help to create an attractive setup. The driftwood you use should be stable and immobile. The leopard gecko will likely try climbing on this item from all different angles and it needs to be secure.

Rock Art
Leopard Gecko Rock Art


Rocks are a simple way of adding beauty to any enclosure. Their awkward shapes and natural coloration are appealing and they serve a function. If you strategically place larger rocks within an enclosure, you are offering the leopard gecko a surface to climb and to rub against when they are starting to shed. Rocks can be heavy, so do not overdo it and end up cracking the floor of your enclosure. As with all tank decor, it must be stabilized to prevent injury. The last thing you want is to find that the attractive enclosure you created has injured or killed your leopard gecko because a rock fell over.

Leopard Gecko Tunnel
Leopard Gecko Hollow Tunnel


What saves space and is more appealing than tunnels? How about tunnels that have a platform on top of them. There are simple ways to make tunnels, and even ways to buy them. While at the petstore, head over the small animal section is. There are tunnels that can be purchased for hamster enclosures. These tunnels also make great tunnel systems for leopard geckos! You can even use the hamster hide boxes that attach to the tunnels if you like. If you decide to use these tunnels, simply create the shapes you want and place them on the floor of the enclosure. Now take either a tile, board, or flat rock and lay it on top of the tunnel system you just created. Now you have tunnels and additional floor space for your leopard gecko.

If you wish to build your own tunnel system, you need to head down to the hardware store and check out their PVC section. PVC comes in all shapes and sizes and even has "t" shapes and various bends. With a little ingenuity, you can create an elaborate tunnel system using PVC. (Which can also be painted.)

Leopard Gecko Enclosure Sculpture
Leopard Gecko Enclosure Sculpture


There are numerous items on the market readily available for enclosures. Some of them are shaped as pyramids while others are beautiful, artificial driftwood with plants protruding from them. Some even have hides built directly into the unit like the platforms above. These units are perfect display pieces for an enclosures and also add climbing space. In addition to those built specifically for use with reptiles, you can also use some of the items found in the aquatics section of the store. in fact, you will find that several of the units built for reptiles are also located in aquatics for use with fish. These decorative pieces do not typically come cheap, but they add a beauty to the enclosure that is sometimes worth the cost.

There are a multitude of ways to enhance and stimulate your leopard gecko while also adding functionality to an enclosure. I hope the ideas above have sparked some of your own.

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Author: Richard Brooks