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Leopard Gecko Rack Housing

Housing Leopard Geckos In Rack Systems

Leopard Gecko Rack Housing

Leopard Gecko Rack Housing is done by both hobbyist as well as breeders. Rack systems are a simple and convenient way to house leopard geckos in a confined space without compromising their care. If this is the first you are hearing of using a rack system for housing your leopard geckos, I invite you to get comfortable and read this page through its entirety.

Rack systems can be purchased in all shapes and sizes and are designed to accommodate everything from leopard geckos to some of the larger snake species. Their simple designs and space saving attribute make them extremely favorable to many.

Racks are often used by breeders because they can be easily maintained, heated, and help to group or centralize the geckos within a breeding colony.

When people think of rack systems, they often believe that the animal housed within are being treated sub par. Some even believe that racks do not provide enough living space for the animal being housed within it. This is simply not the case, though it would depend on the person or company and their rack setup.

There are a number of companies now that produce racks, and there are also private builders who sell online as well. If you have the money to spend, because racks do not come "cheap", by all means purchase one from an online source that you have researched.

If you are just a simple hobbyist who would like to expand their collection, but can't afford the cost of a professional rack system, why not build one! Racks are not only simple in design, but they are extremely simple to build as well. There are a number of different methods for building racks, and each will require the use of specific tools in order to get the desired results. We will outline a few different techniques for building rack systems. Some of these design are extremely inexpensive to create and others will require some time and additional funding.

Boaphile Rack

I keep and breed leopard geckos and ball pythons. The rack above is a Boaphile RhinoRaXX used for my Ball Pythons. After acquiring several of these for my snakes, I also decided to begin using them for my leopard geckos. They each house 4 Sterilite # 1960 (41 Quart Underbed Box) that measure 34 7/8" L x 16 5/8" W x 6 1/8" H. These come with the rack as does the underbelly heat tape (installed - just plug it into a herpstat and its ready). These racks are perfect for 3 females and 1 male adult. They offer plenty of room for 1 large egg-laying box (moist hide), a large dry hide, water dish, food dish and calcium dish. I also house single adults (males) in their own tub within this rack system. For some people this is overkill but I like uniformity and these racks work wonderful with both species.


Author: Richard Brooks