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Leopard Gecko Housing

Leopard Gecko Housing Information

Housing Leopard Geckos

Leopard Gecko Housing comes in many forms. Just about anything can and has been used to create enclosures for leopard geckos. From aquariums to custom enclosures, we are going to look at and discuss every aspect of leopard gecko housing and how each different setup serves its function.

Hopefully by the time you finish reading this section of the leopard gecko care guide you will have a complete understanding as to what is required by you to house these beautiful animals properly. You may also be inspired to create your own custom leopard gecko setup based off of the information provided.

When people first think of housing, they immediately think of the actual unit in which the leopard gecko will be residing. Of course the unit itself is certainly covered under the term housing, but it is only a factor in what housing truly covers.

When you think of housing, you should think of the enclosure as a whole. Each aspect of the leopard geckos husbandry is encompased by how you house it. This includes the items in the enclosure itself, the lighting, heating, decor, hides, and substrate. Each of these elements, as a whole, makes up the housing unit for the leopard gecko.

In this section we will break down each element and discuss the various methods in which each is supplied. Below you will find an index that has each section defined. We have used this simple layout to make finding the information you are seeking as simple as possible. If this is your first time visiting this care guide, please take a moment to review each section. No one section is more important than the next and each should be explored thoroughly.


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    Author: Richard Brooks