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Leopard Gecko Custom Enclosures

Housing Leopard Geckos In Custom Enclosures

Custom Leopard Gecko Enclosures

Leopard geckos make wonderful display pets when they are housed in attractive enclosures. While many people utilize aquariums for their housing, there are numerous custom solutions that can be found online. Some people, like myself, have even take it to the next level and have gone ahead and built our own enclosures.

Custom Leopard Gecko Tank

Custom Enclosure

The enclosure above was designed and built almost 10 years ago. If I were to rebuild another leopard gecko enclosure at this point in time, there are things I would do differently. The overall design of the enclosure made it easy to display. It offered more space than a 20 long and my gecko utilized every inch of available space. Things I would change about the design include the heating element and the vent holes. I would remove the internal heating bulb (which was a black night light) and I would purchase decorative vents versus the holes that were drilled into the sides.

This enclosure did a great job at maintaining the heat gradient but I ultimately terminated its use. I feared the gecko could possibly get burnt from the heat source and with other enclosures available, it wasn't worth the risk. I did make the light inaccessible, but it also prevented me from truly utilizing the space beneath the bulb as taller caves and enclosure decor would allow the gecko to get close enough to possibly touch the bulb. I would likely utilize heat tape in lieu of the bulb and purchase decorative venting for aesthetic purposes. I would also create a deeper base that extended 2-3 inches below the sliding doors. I would do this so I could use either grout or Excavator to create a sparse grasslands enclosure like I have created in the aquarium below. I am very fond of the look of this enclosure and it replicates a facet of their natural environment.

Sparse Grasslands Leopard Gecko Enclosure

The aquarium enclosure above was created with Excavator. Excavator is a type of sand that needs to be mixed with water, which creates a gritty, clay like material. Once you create the design and allow it to dry out, the material is then transformed into a semi-solid state, similar to grout. It is hard enough that I need to use a spoon to dig into it and apply force. The thing that makes this stuff fun to work with is that if you wet it, it becomes pliable and workable again. Allowing it to dry again will return it to its solid state. You can find more information on what was involved with this build under the Artificial Terrain section.

Boaphile Townhouse Enclosure
Boaphile Townhouse Enclosure

Boaphile Townhouse Enclosures

The Boaphile Townhouse enclosures are stackable and can be mixed and matched with other custom enclosures they have, so long as they have the same footprint. These types of stackable enclosures are not only efficient at housing numerous animals in limited space, but they are attractive as well. As with most custom cages, you pay for what you get. The great thing about enclosures like these is that you can buy a section at a time and build up your collection and stack them as you go!

Showcase Cages
Showcase Cages

Showcase Cages

I personally have 3 of these cages and use them to display my bearded dragon, Sunglow Boa Constrictor and my male Dalmatian Crested Gecko. Once I have the space I intend on buying more of these enclosures as they are absolutely wonderful. They are leak proof, extremely light weight, stackable, well lit and come in an array of sizes and colors that can accommodate many reptilian species. These enclosures would be perfect for housing leopard geckos that are on display in your home. They are attractive and offer a large amount of floor space thanks to their depth. Their height would easily allow a creative owner to create a multiple levels.

V221 Vision Cage
V221 Vision Cage

V221 Vision Cage

The V221 Vision Cage is the perfect size and design for use with leopard geckos. At 28" W x 24" D x 12" H and stackable, these enclosures equal out to more floor space than a 20 gallon aquarium, but take up less space. These enclosure need to be heated with either heat tape or a heat mat, which is perfect for supplying belly heat.


Author: Richard Brooks
Custom Enclosure © Richard Brooks
Aquarium Enclosure © Richard Brooks
Townhouse Enclosures © Boaphile Plastics
Showcase Enclosures © Showcase Cages
V221 Vision Cage © LLL Reptile