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Leopard Gecko Checklist

Leopard Gecko Selection Checklist

Leopard Gecko - Physical Appearance

Leopard Gecko Selection Checklist

This is a recap of the selection process. You can use this online Leopard Gecko Checklist to determine if you have asked all of the questions you wanted to, or if you have remembered to view all of the physical characteristics that help define a healthy leopard gecko. If you would like to use this checklist when you go to view a leopard gecko you are interested in, simply click the link below and you can print out the Leopard Gecko Checklist to bring with you.

The Leopard Geckos Age
The Leopard Geckos Enclosure Set-up
The Leopard Geckos Diet
The Leopard Geckos Supplements
The Leopard Geckos Sex
The Leopard Geckos Past Medical History

Physical Perception Of The Leopard Gecko - Things To Look For

Is The Leopard Gecko Plump - Full Bodied
Is The Leopard Gecko Alert - Active
Does The Leopard Gecko Have Open Abrasions Or Wounds
Does The Leopard Gecko Have A Plump Tail
Does The Leopard Gecko Have All Of Its Digits - Toes
Does The Leopard Gecko Have Tight, Form Fitting Skin
Does The Leopard Gecko Have Any Noticeable Swelling
Does The Leopard Gecko Have Mucus Or Secretions Coming From Its Eyes - Mouth - Nostrils
Is The Leopard Geckos Feces "Normal" In Appearance And Odor


Author: Richard Brooks