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Landscaping Leopard Gecko Enclosures

How To Landscape Your Leopard Gecko Enclosure

Landscaping Your Leopard Gecko Enclosure

Landscaping your leopard gecko enclosure, is in and of itself, a rewarding experience. One of the highlights of having exotic animals like leopard geckos is the ability to showcase and enjoy them in naturalistic enclosures - vivariums. The journey in creating the naturalistic landscape is as much fun as it is watching the leopard gecko traverse its new abode.

Landscaping your geckos enclosure can be a time consuming project, or it can be extremely simple. In the end, the goal is to create a natural looking environment in which your gecko can flourish. Depending upon how much time you are looking to invest in the landscape will determine what type of landscape you will end up with. This should not be a project you intend on completing in a day unless you are looking for something really simple and not as elegant as it can be.


The actual landscape of your enclosure will be determined by the substrate you have chosen. Artificial substrates like carpet can be landscaped with the right amount of planning. Excavator, a san to clay substrate makes landscaping much easier.

Planning how you want the enclosure to look is the key to success. Many people decide they want to create an attractive enclosure and then simply start working without an actual goal or look they are wishing to achieve. This can lead to discouragement when the enclosure doesn't begin to come together in the way they were hoping it would.


It is always best to run some searches on google or view other peoples enclosures to get inspiration. Herp Center has an enclosure section that covers a multitude of animals. You don't need to limit your research to leopard geckos. Other people have created beautiful enclosures for their reptiles that could very easily be implemented into your leopard geckos design. Look at every enclosure you can and find components of the enclosure that you find attractive and functional. You can use these components as the basis for your own design. Inspiration can come from anything. Scenic pictures, a walk in the woods, others enclosures and literature are all great sources of inspiration.

Leopard Gecko Enclosure Inspiration


The above enclosure can be found in our Bearded Dragon Enclosures section and it is amazing. The landscaping done here is spectacular and would look fantastic in a leopard gecko enclosure if it were scaled down.

The enclosure below can be found in our Uromastyx Enclosures and is equally beautiful.

Our enclosure section houses some stunning designs for varying species. Many of the design features could be implemented into a leopard gecko landscape.

Leopard Gecko Enclosure Inspiration


Many people rush through their designs because they want to get their gecko within their enclosures as soon as they can. This often leads to people not truly enjoying what they have created and many others giving up on a naturalistic design. Take your time planning your enclosure. Your gecko can easily be housed in a quarantine style enclosure while you design and create the geckos forever home. Don't rush things. Proper planning will be worth more to you than rushing through the design and not being happy with the outcome.

Document It

Document the design! I wish everyone documented their projects with pictures and text because it could really help the next person struggling to design their own enclosures. Herp Center is always willing to add information to its article section. If you have documented your design (or decide to after reading this) and would like to share it with the rest of the reptile community, you can post it here: Article Submissions. We will format it to match the sites design and will inform you when it has been added. Please include the name you want the article to be attributed to. (We can use your site name but would rather use your real name if possible.)

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Author: Richard Brooks
Inspiration Enclosure 1 © Hoppe-Terrarienbau-Exclusiv
Inspiration Enclosure 2 © Matt (Vers)