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Iguana Enclosure Decor

How To Add Decor To Your Iguana Enclosure That Is Functional

Iguana Enclosure Decor

When people think of cage decor they immediately think of things that beautify the enclosure. While you won't be able to get away with adding aquarium displays to your iguana enclosure you can beautify it while also adding functionality.


Plants are wonderful for iguana enclosures because they have the potential to serve four purposes. Live plants provide humidity. Since this is a constant battle for iguana owners, anything that adds humidity is a welcome addition to the enclosure. The problem with live plants in an iguana enclosure is that your iguana is not a delicate flower and will have little issue ripping your plants apart, eating it or digging in the soil that plant is in. Live plants need to be hung in the enclosure where your iguana can't access them and they need to be edible, in the case your iguana gets his mouth on them or fallen leaves. You can search for edible plants on our Edible Plants page.

Plants provide shade. While live plants are the ideal solution for aesthetics and functionality (humidity) you may wish to use artificial plants. Artificial plants may also be trampled and eaten, so you will want to get some that are not appealing to the iguana. This will likely be a case of trial and error. I have used fake ferns in the past with great success. The cover supplied by the plants provide shade, which in turn help create micro-climates that your iguana can use to get out of the rays of its light and to help thermoregulate itself.

Plants provide security. Wild iguanas can be found in the canopy of trees because they are adapted to blend in with the foliage, offering them a complete sense of security. This security is as relevant in your enclosure as it is in the wild. Animals that feel secure tend to have better appetites and overall health.

Plants are attractive. The greenery and color added by plants is always a welcome addition to an enclosure. I try to provide plants in all of my display enclosures because they liven the enclosure and the greens the plants contain make them visually appealing.

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Branches - Perches

Driftwood can come in all shapes and sizes. I have purchased some really large pieces over the years and have used some of the smaller pieces as well. driftwood, because of its natural and weathered look, compliments the green in plants extremely well. Since iguanas are an arboreal species, the driftwood can be added to an enclosure is a manner that allows the iguana to climb on it as well as be used as basking perches. Anything used as a climbing aid should be thick enough to easily support the iguanas weight. Anything used as basking perches should also be able to easily accommodate the iguanas weight but should also be as wide as the iguana is or wider. You want the iguana to feel secure and thin branches just won't meet that need. When selecting branches, particularly if you gather wild wood, you should choose woods that don't have sap or pitch resin on them. Your iguana will climb on the wood you provide and sap is extremely sticky and can adhere to your iguanas skin. Anything that is collected from the wild will also need to be disinfected before it is placed in the enclosure. Sanitizing wood can be difficult but we offer advice on how to make it work on our Wood Sanitation page.


Iguanas have the ability to conceal themselves in the wild if they feel threatened or stressed. providing your iguana a place in the enclosure that allows them to hide from site is a great way to help your iguana feel secure. The previously mentioned ideas can be used independently or together to create attractive hide spots. Your entire iguana doesn't need to be concealed but the better part of his head and body should be able to disappear from view if your iguana so feels the need to get away.


Author: Richard Brooks
Enclosure © George Buce