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Iguana Bite Wounds

Iguana Bite Wounds Pictorial

Green Iguana Named Dizzy (Iguana iguana)

On Sunday, May 16th, Lacey LaDuke let her iguana Dizzy out of his enclosure, as she had done every other day. This allows Dizzy the opportunity to wander around the house and sit in the sun for a bit. Eventually Dizzy came to rest on the back of the couch, his usual spot, next to Lacey while she watched TV. Dizzy had been hanging out there for a while when Lacey turned to look at him and without provocation, BAM!, Dizzy attacked and latched onto Laceys face.

Dizzy was not known for being aggressive and had NEVER shown any sign of aggression, not even a tail whip. This attack was completely unexpected and unprovoked. He hadn't even shown any recent signs of stress.

Dizzy was removed from Laceys face and a towel was used to suppress the bleeding as they made their way across the street to the emergency room. Upon entering the ER Lacey was rushed to a room, which is normal protocol for bleeding, nauseous, passing out pale girls. They began by taking Laceys vitals.


Dizzy took a dime sized gouge out of one of Laceys cheeks, split her eyelid and made a huge flap of skin on her nose.

Bite Wounds

Laceys wounds were substantial enough to warrant a hospital transfer. After looking her over, the ER docs from the first hospital decided she needed a transfer to another hospital to see a plastic surgeon. No one in the first hospital was willing or confident enough to work on her face.

Upon transfer Lacey met with Dr. Morimoto. This is Dr. Morimoto shooting Lacey full of lidocaine, easily the most painful part of this whole experience Lacey claims.

Lidocaine Injections

In the next photo Lacey is pumped full of pain killers and still being worked on.


Once the surgery was complete, after 7 hours, Laceys face had received 40 stitches and a bill for several thousand dollars. Below is an image of how she looked following the surgery.

Post Surgery

On May 21st the stitches were removed from Laceys face.

Stitches Out

Please remember that no matter how tame your iguana is, it only takes one second to let your guard down to get injured very badly.


Author: Lacey LaDuke - Richard Brooks
All Images © Lacey LaDuke