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  1. murrindindi
    murrindindi kriminaal
    Hi Mike, for some reason I can`t access the forum, only the home page, I only want to search for info. I used to have FR`s email address but must have deleted it, do you have it?
  2. murrindindi
    murrindindi Merlin
    Hi Merlin, I cannot reply to any threads, Rich answered my previous message and now I can`t reply to him either? My avatar pic has gone and so has yours and Mike`s (kriminaal)? Is it possible someone has blocked me? Now I can`t even log out, my browser cache is clear ( Rich mentioned that in his message).
    1. Merlin
      Hmmm not sure what is going on. I see your avatar as well as mine. I will forward this to Rich.
      Dec 1, 2017
  3. TamJam
    I am back at last, it's been too long!
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  4. Rich
    The reptile product section has been created. I'm working on categories, layout and products now.
  5. Rich
    I have removed the right sidebar from the profile pages. I am going to incorporate a profile banner feature. (Like facebooks banners.)
  6. Rich
    I added a "Recent Posts" button beside the "New Posts" button on the homepage. It shows all of the recent posts as the title depicts. :)
  7. Rich
    Rich MorganLeFay
    Hey Morgan, can you post now? I just modified the usergroups.
    1. MorganLeFay
      Nope...but it could be that my 7 year old laptop is playing up again >:( Although I tried on 3 different computers and it didn't work on any of them. I'm taking mine to be serviced next week, and if afterwards I still have trouble, I'll let you know. Anyway, thanks for your help :)
      Mar 23, 2017
    2. MorganLeFay
      OK, I seem to be able to post replies now.
      Apr 1, 2017
    3. Rich
      Apr 1, 2017
  8. MorganLeFay
    Back after a long break :) Working on my BA thesis, so fingers crossed! And all of my animals are doing perfect XD
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  9. Dragoness
    V shed his skin last night, and had his sutures removed today. The incision is closed, clean, and healthy!
  10. Dragoness
    Big girl is downing 7lb rabbits now!
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  11. Dragoness
    Reptile vet called me to ask if I was interested in a part-time position as a tech.
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  12. DwarvenChef
    Almost finished with Photography Cert. So frigging tired, ran out of money :( Had to start a Go Fund Me page... Joy, Hope youall are well :)
  13. Dragoness
    Almost done with the new Arboreal Colubrid Duplex. Picked up glass today, heaters should arrive this week.
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  14. Dragoness
    Stenophis has refused to eat for 6 weeks. Thankfully, when I nosed a pinky into his mouth, he just started swallowing.
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  15. Dragoness
    Resisting the urge to pester a stress-prone snake in quarantine.
  16. annaj328
    Back in the game! So excited!
  17. Dragoness
    I have been bitten by the Boiga bug.
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  18. Kalira
    Finally got a ball python again. Had to make some life changes a few years ago. Now I have my first caramel baby! ;)
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    2. Rich
      Congrats on the new addition! I would love to add a caramel to my collection. I currently keep 2 normals, 2 pastels, 4 spiders, 2 albinos and a pied.
      Oct 16, 2015
    3. Kalira
      Thanks so much!! That's a nice collection you have there, I'd love a pied! I've never bred before but I'd like to when she comes to the right size. I'm just not sure what I'd want to bred her with. She 66% het for hypo.
      Oct 23, 2015
  19. TJOHNSON722
    Apparently I need to take more pictures as all mine are now gone. :(
  20. TJOHNSON722
    I have no idea what is going on at any given time....