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Feeder Rabbits

How To Keep And Breed Feeder Rabbits


  • Kingdom:
  • Animalia
  • Phylum:
  • Chordata
  • Class:
  • Mammalia
  • Order:
  • Lagomorpha
  • Family:
  • Leporidae
  • Genus:
  • -----
  • Species:
  • -----

Feeder Rabbits

Feeder Rabbits

Feeder Rabbits

One of the daunting tasks of reptile keeping, especially with larger collections, is the feeding process. Depending on the species, feeding appropriately sized prey can become expensive or difficult to locate and purchase. By breeding your own feeders you can save money, time and ensure that your reptile is getting all of the nutrients that it requires.

There are several species of large snake that will eventually outgrow jumbo rats and will begin to require larger prey. Rabbits are the ideal sized prey for this. You can breed and raise your rabbits to the correct size and overstock can be euthanized and frozen for later use. If you have an over abundance of frozen rabbits, you can even offer them for sale on the various free reptile classifieds found on the internet.

There are many different breeds of rabbits that can be bred. Those that are used for meat are appropriately named "meat rabbits".

This guide will give you the basics for breeding meat rabbits as feeder prey.


Author: Colleen Boyd & Richard Brooks
Rabbit Header - © Larry D. Moore [CC-BY-SA-3.0]