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United States Herpetoculture Alliance

The Herp Alliance, Conservation Through Captive Breeding

United States Herpetoculture Alliance

US Herp Alliance
United States Herpetoculture Alliance

United States Herpetoculture Alliance - What Is It?

Founded and incorporated in December 2012, the United States Herpetoculture Alliance, Inc. (the “Herp Alliance”) was created by Andrew Wyatt and group of individuals prominent in and committed to responsible herpetoculture. A non-profit organization, the Herp Alliance is an alliance of researchers, zoo professionals, breeders and hobbyists dedicated to promoting and protecting responsible herpetoculture of all herpetofauna (including constrictors, venomous, varanids and crocodilians) for conservation, research, educational, commercial and non-commercial purposes.

What Is Their Mission?

The United States Herpetoculture Alliance, Inc. (the “Herp Alliance”) is a non-profit organization comprised of breeders, hobbyists, business owners, researchers, conservationists and scientists working with reptiles and amphibians (“herpetofauna”). Our primary mission is to fight for and to protect the rights of herpetoculturists nationwide by impacting regulatory actions at the federal, state and local levels. Important guiding principles of our organization include education, conservation (particularly through captive breeding), and rescue operations.

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